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  1. As the rebuild moves forward I think it goes without saying that Sutter and Eriksson will be moved once the young guns start showing consistency and promise, but considering that both forward have impending No Movement/Trade Clauses coming up in their contracts I'm wondering if it would be better to get rid of them sooner rather than later. Sutter's 15 team no-trade list starts in 2019, and Eriksson's begins 2020 (via CapFriendly). I very quickly browsed the rosters and farm teams in the Eastern Conference and came up with two names: Nikita Sherbak (MTL) and Alex Nylander (BUF). I realize the former would take more than one of Sutter or Eriksson, but seeing as Montreal is in dire need of scoring and a center to step in for the hole that Plekanec isn't filling, as a win-now organization I feel that it's not too crazy to think Sherbak would be on the block. As for Nylander, this trade would have to go down once Buffalo is closer to competing, and would obviously need more assets coming from the Canucks side of things, but I think, in the right circumstances, Nylander would be a piece that the Sabers would consider moving for the right price. Perhaps one of the above mentioned forwards and a member of the D core that is in their prime *coughcough* Gudbranson *coughcough* would get the ball rolling. Now I want to hear from you: When, if at all, should the Canucks trade Sutter and Eriksson? Now, and let the young kids lead the way? or Continue the slow development process and never really contend for that coveted 1st overall pick, and trade them in a couple years?