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  1. Sometimes there's interesting stuff on the homepage - I don't mind the extra click, but the current drop down system is laggy and inefficient.
  2. I'm still more excited to watch the Canucks pre-season game in San Jose than the WCH final...
  3. Yeah there's no chance he doesn't get more than Gio. If they're using that as a BS excuse, then ask for a bridge contract and really f them over in a year or two.
  4. It's better than it was aesthetically - but very difficult to get to the forum, which I'm guessing is one of the higher traffic areas of the site. They should give the forum it's own button at the top of the screen
  5. Larsen for Hall Tanev > Larssen (Albeit a little bit older, but also more proven for a similar role at an elite level) Hall = Landeskog (Hall's probably worth a little more...) So yes, given the market for D I would say Tanev is at least equally as valuable as GL - there just ain't that many quality, young D-men on the market.
  6. That's actually a pretty interesting proposal and not too far off value-wise...
  7. Rychel got traded to the Leafs
  8. I still see Toews-esque potential in Horvat. I think a lot of people sell him short because he's a two-way centre, but he has all the tools and the drive to be a "1C".
  9. Good - we can go back to hating him now. Order has been restored to the universe.
  10. Honestly - I know he's getting older, but he was fantastic in the last part of last season. I'd keep him around on a short term contract (2 years x 2-3 mil) just so he can mentor the young D in our system.
  11. More interested in re-signing Hamhuis than any of those D options
  12. Edmonton is just as close to Smithers as Vancouver, might be a factor in if Edmonton is offering...
  13. Seriously Trouba is not that good - I'd happily take the 4 firsts....
  14. Yeah Connelly oozes talent and grit - seems a little hot-headed though. Might be worth a shot.