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  1. Yeah that was some suspect coaching - I know Juolevi isn't the most offensively minded D-man, but he was certainly the best Finn D today and wasnt getting the ice time to support that conclusion today.
  2. Damnit!
  3. I can see them trying this at some point, but right now I think they want him focusing on learning the intricacies of being an NHL defenseman.
  4. Yeah I agree - I feel like Willie has been keeping him at RW to help him feel more comfortable not realizing that he's actually way more comfortable at LW.
  5. I recall that in junior most of his snipes were from the left wing... Might be worth trying him out at LW when he gets back to the NHL, as he seems more comfortable there.
  6. Rodin-Horvat-Hansen is a pretty effective line on paper. Nice combo of speed, grit, finish, and two-way ability.
  7. I'm shocked that they couldn't just work out a deal with the London Knights to allow for the use of the name? Usually in these situations they'd just drop off a truckload of money in London, and London would agree to not prosecute the TM. Weird.
  8. If they trade Boeser or Juolevi for Kane - I will cancel my Gamecentre subscription, close this account, and not watch another Canucks game until this management team is removed / the team is sold for pennies on the dollar.
  9. I mean... it's also possible that he needed to get his stuff, and they wanted to pay him for another game at the NHL level. I really think the average fan doesn't understand just how much money the players make at the NHL level vs. the AHL level. That recall probably put something in the order of $40,000.00 extra (including per diems, etc.) in Jake's pocket. If he wasn't going to play anyways, he might as well go home pack his own stuff - and buy himself a nice new pick-up truck with the extra money he made for doing so.
  10. ... What's the big deal? They decided to send him down on the weekend, want him to stay down but he didn't have all of his "stuff" with him. He went back to Vancouver, got his "stuff", got paid an extra couple of days at his NHL rate... Not really sure why this is viewed as a negative?
  11. Sbisa for Kane seems like more reasonable value than Tanev for Kane... Maybe I'm out to lunch on this, but I think you get way more of a return for Tanev on the open market.
  12. Is Kane's value really that high? I'm thinking at this point he's worth a second on his own, and I'm not sure that I'd pay that.