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  1. [Signing] Kucherov Signs 8 years extension

    Yeah - you're misunderstanding my point / the point of the article you didn't read. 1) Players are taxed in the jurisdiction where they play so for the 4 away games they play they have to declare income in each jurisdiction 2) Canadian players can defer large portions of salary until their retirement and end up paying an effective rate that's on par or lower than Florida's general income rate.... and a bunch of other accounting heavy stuff. Long story short - NHL players live in a different taxation world than the average joe, and they retain professionals to help them navigate their finances. The accountant in Athletic story concluded that there was no financial reason to avoid tax heavy jurisdictions and that with proper planning they could be just as, if not more lucrative, than places like Texas or Florida.
  2. [Signing] Kucherov Signs 8 years extension

    There was a great article on the Athletic last week about how all this talk of lower tax jurisdictions being a factor with contracts is not accurate. Players use accounting trusts and other tools to effectively pay the same tax rate no matter where their home arena is. The whole lower tax argument is another example of 'common hockey knowledge' that's just plain wrong and we need to stop repeating it.
  3. That's actually an interesting proposal...
  4. Hutty for Pitts 2nd and our 4th (getting it back from Pitt that is)
  5. Just a thought if we do trade Tanev - Hamhuis will be a UFA this year... Yes Hammer is a little over the hill, but could definitely be an amazing mentor for our young D-core. I'm sure he'd be stoked to come back too.
  6. If he clears waivers he might have additional value - nice insurance for a team planning to go deep.
  7. I mean a 4th or a 5th is fine with me - he's a serviceable back-up, shown flashes of goodness.
  8. The more I think about it, the more I think it makes sense to wait until next year to trade Tanev. The D market is starting to look pretty saturated at this point. Plus, a Tanev / Juolevi pairing until the TDL next year would be pretty amazing for Juolevi's development.
  9. I'd do Tanev for Marner in a heartbeat.
  10. Eklund WTF! (Discussion)

    Almost like he just randomly picks large Canadian markets to involve in his 'rumours' so that it'll get hits.
  11. [Signing] Flyers re-sign Jordan Weal

    Gosh darn it golly gee!
  12. [Buyout] CBJ buys out Scott Hartnell

    I'd be all over this if we hadn't signed Erikkson last year...
  13. Based on these interviews, I'm wondering if the "insider" report that leaked on Reddit a couple of months ago might have been accurate and that the Canucks have Necas at #3 on their list.