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  1. Almost like he just randomly picks large Canadian markets to involve in his 'rumours' so that it'll get hits.
  2. Gosh darn it golly gee!
  3. I'd be all over this if we hadn't signed Erikkson last year...
  4. Based on these interviews, I'm wondering if the "insider" report that leaked on Reddit a couple of months ago might have been accurate and that the Canucks have Necas at #3 on their list.
  5. Patrick said the same thing in an article on this morning
  6. I feel like this rumour rolls out every year, and every year the team with first OA ends up picking anyways.
  7. Kreuger hire? Clearing up salary for a re-org of management.
  8. Kassian worked out for the Oilers, so maybe karmically Yakupov will work out for the Canucks...
  9. Mary was the best, such a cool lady.
  10. Not sure why this is laughable - Patrick and Hischier just aren't projected to be that good. I'd be laughing too if it was last year's draft - but this year's draft just isn't that strong.
  11. I just don't see that big of a difference between 5OA and 2 or 3 OA this year. Would rather trade Tanev for more developed prospect + higher pick.
  12. Never said he was elite overall, I said that he was elite at shot suppression which he verifiable is (see number 10 on the list): That's an subjective fan site with the author's opinions, but the stats presented are objective. Tanev is a really, really effective defenceman when it comes to playing defence. He'd be the perfect piece to supplement an offensive d-man with defensive liabilities, and potentially integral to a contending team's success.
  13. Not sure why people would be adding on to Tanev for first OA. Tanev is worth more than first OA this year. 1st OA = Ballpark it as a 60-70% chance at 1st or 2nd line centre. Tanev = guaranteed elite (from a fancy stats perspective) shot suppression D Given the current market for D, they're of equal value at the very least. Frankly, I'm not sold enough on Patrick or Hischier either way to make this move. If the plan is to trade Tanev I think there will be better packages available.
  14. I like 80-90% of the trades that Benning has made. Not sure why he gets so much hate.