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  1. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    45 (not counting Brisebois) according to General Fanager.
  2. [Report] Travis Hamonic on the trading block

    Not a source - but, Twitter seems to think that Edmonton is offering Eberle for Hamonic...
  3. You always say you draft BPA, because when you draft that player you want to be able to tell him that you legitimately thought he was the BPA.  Page out of the Brian Burke playbook. 
  4. The report was for a 2017 1st.   If you've got Crosby and Malkin in their prime on your team, you are in the definition of an all-in situation.  Could definitely see the 2017 1st being on the table. 
  5. I'd do Vrbata for Juulsen straight across - throw in additional draft picks if we retain salary.
  6. Most I'd give up at this point is a 2nd... 
  7. Frankly I'm not sure that I'd offer Shinkaruk straight across at this point.  Drouin's big point totals come from a high scoring league, whilst playing on the most stacked team in that league's recent history.  Shink is starting to show real potential in a much more difficult league, and with a build that's more suited to the NHL (especially in the west). Regardless, I don't think we're an ideal trading partner. 
  8. Elliott for Higgins? Just spitballing - be gentle. 
  9. Lavoie does tend to be correct more often than not where players from Quebec are concerned 
  10. He's 32 and has had a pretty injury riddled career. 
  11. This is absolutely bizarre 
  12. [Waivers] Avalanche D Brandon Gormley

    Yeah - I'd definitely give him a look if he passes due diligence...
  13. Who do you expect to be traded first?

    One of the Calgary goalies for sure.  Lots of injured starters out there right now...
  14. McCann should be sent to WJC.

    Jesus - sign a couple of AHL scrubs to PTOs until Sutter and Henrik are back.  Let McCann go to the WJC where he'll be able to thrive.   Gotta protect our most valuable assets - the kids, or we will end up just like the Oilers.  Confidence is one thing, but what happens when an over-worked and over-tired McCann ends up with a separated shoulder like Nugent-Hopkins did?  Totally not worth the risk for the faint hope of this team making the play-offs.   
  15. [Waivers] Zack Kassian

    Has anybody bothered to look at how shallow MTL, a team in the cup hunt, is on RW depth and yet they still are waiving him?  I think that says all you need to know.  He'll pass through waivers.