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  1. Yeah, I'm gonna need that. Haven't skated on hockey skates in forever, let alone go ice skating in general. I'd say after my school sports 'career' is over, I'll probably start trying to play.
  2. I'll definitely try to play when I'm older, given I'm still in high school and don't have much time outside of what I'm already doing. I got a little experience when I was around 3 or 4 haha.
  3. My family couldn't afford the cost for me to play, so I play soccer, do track and karate instead because they're all more affordable I guess. I live in North Seattle, so as much as hockey is popular here, it's still not very common. That being said, my mom (49 y.o.) has played hockey since she was a kid. She actually used to play street hockey against TJ Oshie when he was a little kid, which is really cool. I've learned a lot about the sport, watching my mom and watching the NHL. I'll scorekeep at some of her games, too. Best sport I've ever watched, too bad I didn't get the chance to play.
  4. Don't worry haha. I thought the same exact thing when I saw it.
  5. This thread will come back about 100% when the season starts on Saturday
  6. Does anyone know if Jim Hughson is going to be commentating our game on Saturday?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Squeak


      It'll be Rick Ball

    3. Beluga Whale

      Beluga Whale

      As long as its not Lee im good

    4. Markus Alexander Cody

      Markus Alexander Cody

      Lee got demoted to Jets games ahhaah

  7. Happy new year CDCers! We survived...

  8. Happy birthday Booth! Too bad there is no hockey to play today

    1. :D


      Go shoot something

    2. NightHawkSniper


      Happy Birthday Booth...if you can see this!

  9. Go Obama!!!! Four more years! Nice try though, Mitt "Binder full of women" Romney