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  1. That was great, Shakey. Played the whole tune. Great memories!
  2. Songs should be polled by the decade (or generation). If you're going with those ancient shows, I would have to go with the theme song to Taxi. Just a nice, melodic piece of jazz.
  3. Turn your sarcasm monitor on...
  4. I wonder if any of those GMs would be on any other team's list...
  5. I would love to see Sam in a Canuck uni, but I think Buffalo hangs up on JB for that offer. Both Ennis and Eickel have missed most of the season so far, and even though they still have O'Reilly & Grigs, they are quite thin at C. Eickel has returned from a high ankel sprain, but has struggled a bit and Ennis won't be back from hernia surgery for another month. Maybe once the other Cs are back and playing well they consider a trade, but I would think they want the Nuck 1st and a prospect like Joulevi. Reinhart is just 21yrs old and is on his way to becoming a top 1st line C. Just because he has two 1st line Cs ahead of him (Eickel and O'Reilly) doesn't make him any less valuable.
  6. Yes, I remember the drubbing Sundin took from the ungrateful Leaf fans. I can see it beginning in Vancouver with the Sedins. Even a season + before their contract ends.
  7. I just don't get the Crawford love around here. I mean, as a coach, what has he done that's so great? Yeah, he won a SC in Colorado, but have a look at that team. That was an incredible team. And then there is his record with Vancouver/LA/Dallas... 7 Out of playoffs; 3 1st round exits; 1 2nd round exit. Oh, but he did win a championship in Switzerland.
  8. Ir's 1-0 going into the 3rd and you guys have already written our boys off. You know how they can suddenly come out in the 3rd and play like an entirely different team. Sure would surprise the Caps. Ha ha
  9. That's great news, UTI. What with Marks playing well, it looks like Garteig and possibly Demko will have plenty of time to develop in Utica. Goaltending is all set for Canucks and Comets for years, that's for sure.
  10. Better development plan...
  11. Babcock has moved Nylander to the 4th line. He said that Ny has to learn the defensive game.
  12. Brings to mind the comment Duchene made when he entered the league. Something about scoring goals coming easy, but being able to play defence at the pro level is extremely difficult. These kids that go through Juniors as a top goal scoring often struggle when they reach the NHL.
  13. Media just stirring the pot. Dumb and Dumber at it again.
  14. Nylander is playing on TO's 4th line right now. Why not wait until these boys grow into men and start playing hockey as such before determining who was the best pick for the Canucks.