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  1. Trouba is a RFA at the end of the season, so the Nucks would have to work out a a trade to get him. Of course any trade would have to include a guarantee that he signs. Problem is, it would require a 1st rounder + high end prospect + whatever. Jets seem to be entering salary cap hell and have a lot of rfas to re-sign, so maybe can be done. Trouba is only 24yrs and would be the ideal dman to play alongside Huges. He's a big fast skating, tough guy who is more than competent offensively/defensively. It would likely take any draft pick the Canucks acquire another 3/4 years to make the NHL . Signing Trouba would probably mean a Guddy trade. Imagine this... Edler Tanev Hughes Trouba Hutton Stecher Biega Brisboie/Juolevi callups (hopefully Juolevi can replace Hutton at some point).
  2. Hamilton comes across as problematic for GMs. If Nucks were going to make a big trade like you have there, I would be wanting Trouba in return. Keep Gaudette though.
  3. higgyfan

    [Speculation] Interest in Michael Del Zotto

    Hmmm...too bad they don't have 12-13 rounds in the draft anymore.
  4. higgyfan

    The Edler Question

    I think that is the general idea. Any team that wants him would be a contender, which means the pick would be 27-31overall. A healthy Edler would be of great value to a team that is all in for this years SC race. It looks like Edler is not interested in waiving his NMC and that is his prerogative (which should be respected). If JB signs him before the end of the season, I hope it is for a discount and not too long a term. +/- 6M for 3 years maybe. If he wants a NMC, then the discount gets bigger as he will have to be protected (at the expense of other player) at the expansion draft. Edler is arguably the best LD available in this year's UFA class, so it certainly doesn't hurt the team re-signing him.
  5. higgyfan

    [Proposal] Eriksson for Lucic

    Still better than what you get from Lucic + one less year of wretched contract.
  6. higgyfan

    Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Why stop there? Add on fans of other teams, people that don't watch hockey, maybe run a survey in China. There must be a few more out there. Seriously though, StarGirl, the only similarity between Raymond and Virtanen is that they are fast skaters. That's it.
  7. higgyfan

    Will this hometown draft have more picks than usual?

    Who needs 1st and 2nd rounders when you can have 13 6 rounders
  8. higgyfan

    Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Yes! You, Zhukini and Someone makes 3.
  9. higgyfan

    Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    And then he had a really bad concussion the following season.
  10. Guddy seems like the kind of player that gets real gud at PO time. I'm thinking there's a couple of contenders out there that would have to have him on their team for a SC race. Not that I want him to be traded.
  11. higgyfan

    Will this hometown draft have more picks than usual?

    They're saving up 6th round picks to make a splash at the draft, don't you know.
  12. higgyfan

    Adam Gaudette | C

    New name for the team: The Vancouver 420 with a logo of a big reefer (with native art of course). Nobody could complain that that has nothing to do with the city eh?
  13. higgyfan

    Petrus Palmu | RW/LW

    His statement was a part of a conversation he had with PP before the player left for Finland. PP stated that he never heard feedback while he was playing in Utica. Not Johnson's job. Maybe coaching staff's job, but they haven't commented on PP's statement, so I can't get an accurate read on it.
  14. higgyfan

    The Edler Question

    Don't pressure the guy, but do ask. Do your job, JB. If he says no way then re-sign him for 3yrs no ntc. If he says, sigh, 'ok' then he gets the ntc for 3 yrs and more $. Canucks will be in a pickle at the Expansion Draft. Hughes, Edler, Hutton, Guddy, Stech and some of the guys in Utica, will be available. I wish JB would not bring Quinn in at the end of this season.
  15. higgyfan

    Petrus Palmu | RW/LW

    According to Johnson, Petrus needs to improve in the wall play, the compete and physicality before he returns to the AHL. He will get +++ ice time playing in Finland, so hopefully he can improve in those areas. It would be great if he can return to the Comets for next season. For a winger, 5'6" will make his road to the NHL very tough indeed.