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  1. Ferland was very much like Jake; he had pretty much the same stats in '16-17 that Jake had last year. Only difference is Ferland was 24yrs at the time, while Jake was 22yrs.
  2. Buff only played in 42 games last season...
  3. Keep it coming, K. Appreciate all your updates!
  4. Luongo's recapture bs. If not for that nhl beauty, it would just be a matter of waiving Schaller and bingo...8.158m in cap space. Really caught the Nuck's management team by surprise. Not that I think BB should be getting 8m though.
  5. Me thinks Meyers should have his thyroid gland checked out
  6. Many fans are turning on Brock due to this situation, I was not specifically referring to you. Again, this is a complicated situation that we (as fans) have no idea of the inside workings. I simply do not agree with the idea of 'sitting a young player out for a season' as it ends up being a terrible negative for both sides (as I explained).
  7. That would be a horrible scenario if it came to that. Bad for the team; losing the #1 scoring W will lessen the chances of playoffs and extremely bad for Brock's development. It would also create negative tension between Brock, team management, teammates (maybe) and definitely the fans. I don't see either party letting this happen. There's very little information that concurs with the idea that Brock is holding out for a big payday and/or short term. I think it's more a matter of fitting the $ and term into a limited salary cap. The recent Luongo recapture penalty has really screwed things up, which means management will have to unload some players and put Roussel on IR. It's not likely (or even possible) for management to straighten this up before training camp or 1st game day. They can buy some time by sending Schaller to Utica and putting Roussel on IR (at the beginning of the season), but a player will need to be traded before Roussel returns. A risky juggling act that no GM wants to be in. It's a complicated situation that requires some patience and faith that Brock is the same wonderful young man everyone though he was, just a month ago.
  8. That probably wouldn't get Bo anymore either.
  9. Something the Canucks have been lacking for some time now. Would be great to see Tram fixing that problem...walking the line with a booming shot on goal.
  10. Olli has only played 56 games since his final Jr year and has had two shortened off seasons due to injuries. Even if he looks ready early on, I doubt he would be able to get through a whole year of NHL hockey. I think it would be better for his development to spend some time in Utica playing a lot of minutes and fine tuning his game; both physically and mentally. The AHL is a slower paced game and there is more time off for young players, so they can continue to train and recuperate as needed. No need to rush the kid. Team needs to do right by him and make sure that when he comes to Vancouver, he is ready to stay.
  11. Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Benn Stecher Fantenberg Management will want to see how Fantenberg does, so expect to see Olli start of in Utica. As always, the more depth on d is better for the injury laden Canucks. It will also be paramount if the team gets to the playoffs. Having decent depth in Utica will be a wonderful thing this year. Olli will likely be a permanent Canuck before December,
  12. My sense is that the CHL doesn't prepare these kids for pro hockey they way the Euro/college leagues do. It appears to be such a huge jump from Jrs to the AHL and many of the young guys struggle mightily. It's such a competitive and grinding league with much bigger and better players. In he article about Lind/Gadj (in the Lind section), the players talk about the struggles they faced, as well as the injuries that affected their development. They came off the season with a lot of learning and understanding what they need to do to become better pro players. I anticipate a much better season for both these players.
  13. This. Yeah, I wouldn't want to be the decision maker on this one either.