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  1. I was only thinking of a cash strapped team for the Eriksson trade. They want the 6M cap hit with the low 3M salary. Every team wants a JT Miller; especially at his salary. I doubt there's many like that being dangled!
  2. Is there a very high rate of infection in Zuffenhausen? Seriously though, I would have no concerns sending my kids (if they were of age) to school in this area. I probably would be more wary if I lived in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Like you said, we will soon find out what the public will actually do.
  3. OK boomer Really, Batch...you sound much like 'The Silent Generation' and 'The Great Generation' talking about their (Boomer) kids and grandchildren. I know a lot of millennials (including my daughters) that are hardworking, respectful, reliable, responsible and I have sure that they can handle the inevitable tough situations that come to along in life. I also remember a lot of lazy hippies that were 'turning on, tuning in and dropping out'. Many of them are still around, but life has a way of forcing folks to toughen up or fade away.
  4. This survey was taken in late July, so it could be off a bit. Can't see it changing more than 10% though. https://www.citynews1130.com/2020/07/28/bc-parents-kids-school-september-poll/ 40% to 50% enrolment would be the best case scenario alongside a gradual return of students later on.
  5. In all likelihood, there won't be anywhere near that many kids in the classroom. I live in an area of low infection rate, where there is only an estimated 47% enrolment projection. In the lower mainland and Fraser Valley, it will be far less. The majority of parents will hold their kids back to see how things go in the first month or two. I would think that this has been anticipated by the 'powers that be'. Most schools will have less that 50% of their students; if things go well, there will be a gradual (and controlled) influx in attendance. This will allow the teachers and staff to make adjustments as needed. Of all the generations suffering through this pandemic, I feel the most badly for Gen Z. This is life's most critical developmental stage and the best place for children to learn so many crucial skills, is in school. Sitting at home with a caregiver all day and learning lessons online, may help a child's academics, but is not fulfilling his/her other developmental needs. If this damn pandemic continues for a long while, there may be some negative effects on this generation in time.
  6. Maybe throw a sweetener. The team doesn't have much in the way of picks, so it would have to be a roster player or prospect. I will get clobbered for this, but I would suggest Virtanen straight up; no retention for Loui's contract. The team really needs to reclaim that 6M right now.
  7. The focus should be on unloading contracts; even if it means retaining a portion. The 6M for Loui has to go. Most have agreed, that LE at 3M is a decent price. The next 2 yrs Loui gets 4M each, so Canucks retain the 1M + pay the 3M bonus. Nucks save 5M cap for 2 yrs. Buyout or trade(with retention) Sutter. Buy out is $2,041,667 + $1,166,667. Nucks save 2.33M +2.70M for 2 yrs. Ferland on LTIR 3.5M If his situation looks permanent, the contract can be traded (with a sweetener). Nucks save 3.5M Total: 10.8M added to the remaining cap space. **If they could find a way to unload Baer and/or Benn's contracts; all the better! I think they can sign both Marky and Toff. It is not for certain that Demko is ready to take over the reins as the #1 next season. Signing Marky gives the team time to assess the goalies for the future. Protect the one they want to keep at Expansion Draft. Toff is a great addition to the top 6. Peeps that are disappointed with his performance in the playoffs are overlooking the effects of returning early from a high ankle sprain. That must have been excruciating at times and would have a huge effect on his game. Toff is a factor in the team moving forward with a solid top 6. There will be one more opening when Pearson either leaves or is moved to the 3rd line (which I think would be terrific). Hogs, Podz, Lind, etc should not be considered top 6 at this point. Most rookies do not jump into the top 6.
  8. It's hard to say what their thinking (regarding living abroad) is now. They have had a few years to plan and prepare themselves for a move to NA. It seems that Tree is ready to leave the KHL for the NHL, but I doubt he would even attempt it if his wife wasn't on board.
  9. Somehow dump the Loui contract and sign them both without NTCs/NMCs. Play them both during the season and then protect the one you want to keep.
  10. The management needs more time to assess Demko's reliability as a #1 goalie. Sure he was great in the playoffs, but so was Binnington last year. Would you trade Marky for Binny? They need to find a way to lose Eriksson's contract; perhaps in a trade with Ottawa (perhaps Virtanen + Loui; for a late round pick). If they can do that, then sign Marks (without term restrictions) and at the end of the season coming up to Seattle expansion draft, a decision can be made as to which goalie they protect.
  11. Went further than any of us dreamed. Our core started out as boys and grew into men. Keep on keep on Canucks!
  12. Absolutely. The core is not much more than boys and have come a long way. They will only get better and better in the coming years. They will continue to be so much fun to watch. GCG Oh, I almost forgot. Go Dallas Go!