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  1. Such nonsense. One would think this was a middle school league with the principal and superintendent coming out to babysit the game. Both players should have been suspended. The team GMs, coaches and the 2 players warned that there would be bigger suspensions if they followed up on the original situation.
  2. Canucks cannot even think of acquiring Dumba, as JB spent his wad on Meyers. I was soooo disappointed when he picked up Meyers last summer, as there were so many better options coming up in this years' UFA market. RD was the most important position to fill, what with Tanev probably leaving and a very skimpy offerings in the prospect pool. Seeing Meyers play on the 3rd pairing last night added more angst to my growing concerns about him. 5 more seasons...
  3. Preds have a great fan base. They make the fans our fans sound like they're at a church social.
  4. Meyers us the worst. Every single time and he passes soooooo slowly and sooooo deep.
  5. I would trade Myers for Risto in a heartbeat.
  6. He probably knew that Jake always finds a way to get out of a fight, so why bother. That last video looks like Jake raised his elbow and hit Perreault right in the mouth. I can understand P being so pissed off after just returning to hockey after a concussion.
  7. Except that a lot of clean hits end up in a fight anyways.
  8. Jake may love to hit, but if he won't stand up for himself when his victim comes back fighting mad, he'll get a reputation: think M.Tkturtle. The NHL may baby those types, but the players and fans have little respect for them. I agree that Jake is being more selective when he makes a hit and if he wants to avoid fighting, he will have to continue along those lines.
  9. I think our guys are mesmerized by that pansy blue on the Peg's jerseys.