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  1. There are so many variables to the nightmare that is going on south of the border. I see no comparison to how the pandemic is being handled in BC in any way. After all...Ca has 8X the population of BC. Ca opened up way to early and now they are suffering the consequence.
  2. The stats don't indicate that 'many individuals are being pressured to work unsafe'. An individual can feel unsafe at work (or anywhere else), but may not actually be unsafe. People have varying degrees of anxiety around this pandemic. Since May 9th, the province has had fewer than 20 cases province wide each day (exception of 3 days when it rose to 21 and 22). If these #s continue through next week, it will be 2 months. These #s are very consistent and there is no real indication of an uptick; even with the protests and reopening phases going on. Currently, there are only 2 ICU beds being used in the entire province, which is a really important stat to look at. I'm not saying we should let down our guard. This virus can multiply very quickly and we all know that. I just trust that the healthcare officials that have the entirety of BC data at hand, have a solid read on what is happening province wide. If there are changes to the stats they are monitoring, I have no doubt that they will adjust the protocol very quickly.
  3. No, the issue is that (some) BC workers are not following the stated protocols. Petey40 stated, "It’s mandatory we wear masks on the job but we have a crew of about 100 and half the people wear them below their nose." People need to take some responsibility in educating themselves and following the obvious guidelines. You need to stop constantly using false information to attack the BC government (and health officials). The majority of the citizens of this fine province are very happy with how the authorities have dealt with the pandemic.
  4. The #s are probably massively higher if the densely populated poor countries are included. I really doubt these nations have the wherewithal to test all their sick people and certainly cannot provide much in the way of healthcare. In many areas, they have to go and fetch their water and boil it, so 'wash your hands' is far more difficult; 'social distancing' is impossible; 'wear a mask' unlikely and 'stay calm' doubtful.
  5. These players have spent most of their lives working their arses off to live the dream of the SC playoffs. Can't see any of them opting out. Regardless, if a player does opt out, I won't be judging him.
  6. I don't have a problem with Jake going out for and evening with his buddies. I haven't seen the video, so I have no idea if he was social distancing or not. If that is an issue, then the club should be investigated for not applying the proper restrictions. I agree with Wildcam regarding him being in shape and prepared for the playoffs though.
  7. With only 15-20% of the students returning to school, I wouldn't think it that difficult to allow for appropriate social distance. Again, not a single child was infected. Nobody knows what this situation will look like in the fall, so there's no point in addressing it right now. I don't see that at all. Seems to me, the general public is very clear about the guidelines that have been set. BC #s for new cases continues to look very good. I though there would be a noticeable uptick in new cases due to the protests, but apparently 85% of the participants were wearing masks. General public taking precautions at it's best! You are certainly entitled to your opinion Kos. Imo, people are taking the virus seriously and the message from the experts (including the guidelines) have been loud and clear. So far, the province has been able to maintain low levels of new cases and more importantly, low levels of ICU admissions. As stated before, any positive cases are taken care of by the fantastic tracing done by Dr. Henry and her staff. Even though there may be a spike in the stats, the approach will be the same. Stay calm...be kind...and follow the guidelines. Adjustments will be made as required, but I have no doubts that our health care experts will continue to lead us in the correct direction. #Kudos to Dr. Henry, Mr. Dix and Premier Horgan.
  8. She encourages the use of masks if there is little chance of social distancing, which was hardly the case in the schools. Are you aware that not a single child that attended school caught the virus? There was a teacher that tested positive, but he/she was infected outside the classroom bubble. There's really no story here. Dr. Henry and her staff have a much better understanding of what the virus is doing in BC as they are studying the immense amount of stats they receive every day. The team has had a 98% rate on tracing any positive tests and have been very successful at stopping any potential community breakouts. These individuals are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced individuals who are committed to getting us through this pandemic.
  9. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/dr-henry-expects-british-columbians-to-be-wearing-masks-1.5633657
  10. https://globalnews.ca/news/7069342/no-covid-19-cases-bc-schools/
  11. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vancouver-ready-to-welcome-nhl-after-b-c-premier-announces-revised-quarantine-plan-1.5606848 They will be free to be out in public after 14 day quarantine period. I doubt any player will be careless about exposure to the virus. He would be putting his entire team at risk and possibly suspending the team from SC games. Personally, I really don't care if they play in Vancouver or not. With no fans in the bleachers, there will be no difference wherever they play. The benefit to the city won't be all that much. Arena, hotel, transportation, security, catering; can't think of much else.
  12. Good on her. From the pics I've seen of the protests in Vancouver, it looks like a very high % of the peeps are wearing masks. Smart folks doing the right thing. It's more than obvious that there are things we can do to avoid catching the virus or passing it along to others.
  13. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/erik-gudbranson-fear-kept-speaking-wont-anymore/?shawct=1
  14. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/08/asymptomatic-coronavirus-patients-arent-spreading-new-infections-who-says.html?fbclid=IwAR1UJ2wxVQalI5KHnfUlUr-CPK3mR6AjRl-usfIMFbLgGm6oL6Pcb5IkTI0 Research is showing that asymptomatic spread seems to be rare, although it does occur. This is great news. Symptomatic peeps just need stay home, isolate and get tested, which would seriously decrease the infection rate.
  15. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/dix-henry-update-jun-4-1.5585756 Apparently it is true that Richmond (by far) had the lowest # of cases in the Lower Mainland. I was very surprised to see where the bulk of cases in BC were coming from, as well. I assumed it would be China, but not so. Although, many of the cases from Wa were probably originally from China. Way more cases from Europe and eastern Canada though.