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  1. David Booth?
  2. Sounds like he could move up and down the d, in case of injuries. He would be a great placeholder for Juolevi (if he doesn't make the team this season). Regardless, this team has +++ injuries, so will need guys that can handle big minutes.
  3. Not really. A player can be 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 and 5/5. 5/5 is elite hockey sense, 4/5 is good, 3/5 is average, 2/5 not good, 1/5 probably wouldn't even have played bantam. So Jake was 3/5, which makes him average. He has the ability to anticipate the game situations and to learn to be effective at both ends of the ice, while utilizing his teammates. It's all about ice time, game situations practice and the determination to succeed. That's why he's been playing in Utica.
  4. I think Tanev would stay healthy if he was on a team that could get the puck out of the d-zone quickly. I agree, TDL is the best for the young Canuck team and the added value.
  5. Not really familiar with his game. How is he a good fit and what kind of price, do you think?
  6. I think you're overlooking the value of a really good backup; especially if the team is deciding to go with Marks as the #1 (which I think is really 'iffy'). Bachman played in 5 games last year and Marks had 25. That doesn't give me a lot of confidence over an entire season. Yeah, they're not going for the cup this year...but do you really want to see the guys working their butts off every night, only to lose because the goalkeeping is questionable? I think that would become really destructive for a young team. If a team has goaltending that can keep them in the game, they will play even harder to try to get the win. I would think that is the attitude you want to develop and maintain. I will be hoping that JB signs a competent backup that can play at least 35 games a season. Bachman will share tending in Utica with Demko. I really don't want to see Demko rushed into the NHL and that could happen if they go with a questionable backup goalie.
  7. I'd want McD and Drais for the extra 3M.
  8. That is a great story. Thx for sharing it.
  9. Petter Heiskanen it is then. But...Joulevi is much more Swedish and a better dman.
  10. The +/- stat doesn't really give you an accurate picture of a player's defensive game. Horvat had a -30 the season before last, which was the teams' worst. I don't think anyone would consider his defensive game terrible.
  11. He was injured for a huge part of the season. Normally he gets 19-22pts. I don't really care how many points he gets though. His toughness and defensive play would be a great addition in the Nucks d-zone.
  12. I think guys like Alzner and Stone will get +++ interest from other teams that are willing to give them longer term and more$$$. These guys are good enough to demand that they are not flipped within the year. I wasn't really thinking much about UFA signings for the Canucks, but I do like your ideas regarding Gags and Kulikov. Gags had a great season last year, so he might want more than (I think) he's worth, but if he can be had for a fair price and shorter term, he would be great for flipping later on. Kulikov is the perfect addition on defense. Similar to Guds (they were the heavy lifters in Fla), but can score some goals. Canucks sign him for fair $ and 3yr term. He's a keeper, but would garnish +++ interest at a trade deadline. Oh yeah, I forgot...we need a goalie that can share time with Marks. A young guy like Grubauer would be a great fit and might even end up +++ than Marks. LV have 4 goalies, so I think a trade could be made.
  13. Maybe they get him to sign a bridge deal, but sooner or later they will have to fork out the big bucks. League max is now set at 15m, so anywhere south of that is what he can get. Then they have to sign Drais this year, who is rumoured to be getting 8.5m. Hopefully Strome has a good year and demands 4-5m, also Slepy, Cags, Nurse, Benning, rfa goalies, etc. Oh, and then the following year is time to re-sign Talbot. Lots of juggling for the Coiler.
  14. Seems like you're confusing JB's role. He just signs the players; it's up to the coach to play them. Anyways, the person in the org. that knows the most about Subban's capabilities, it is TG. We'll see what he thinks of Subs game if/when he gets called up, by his usage and minutes.