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  1. LOL. That's what you get for snooping around other team's boards. But yeah, the Tampa fans aren't expecting him to make the jump this year.
  2. And he can play W in a pinch as well.
  3. Really? I don't know about Keller, but Montreal fans think Serg should go back to Jrs. They don't see him as NHL ready yet. And not one of them are saying he's a bust either! What a surprise!
  4. Holm hasn't even played a handful of NA hockey games and is waiver exempt. A year in Utica adjusting to the small ice could make a big difference in his game. I think the 7th d position will be battled over between Wiercioch and McEneny. Either one will likely be picked off waivers, which is too bad for the team.
  5. Bachman will have to stand on his head to win this one. Is Joulevi having a maintenance day as well?
  6. This is why I am puzzled that Gagner (not a fast skater of good defensively) was on the same line and really hope we never see Vanek with them. They need a good skater, who can get the puck to them and have solid defensive skills (and can score a few goals). This is why Hansen and Granlund are great linemates for the twins. Sedins Granny Baer Bo Eriksson Virtanen Burm Boeser Rodin/Vanek Sutter Gagner Gaunce (IR) Dors Goldy/Rodin/Vanek/Gaunce/Dorsett fighting for final spot & 13th.
  7. My preference is to see Granny in the top 6 where he belongs. Gagner played on the 4th line in Columbus and scored most of his goals during the PP (which he would do with the Nucks as well). Sutter will score the same # of goals regardless of who his teammates are. He supports his line defensively, but is not a playmaker of any kind. Imo, it's a total waste of Granny's potential if he plays on that line.
  8. I agree with much of what you have said. I just don't see how a 9-4 loss (and possibly much worse) as being positive in any way. Luckily for everyone (including the fans) it won't be for much longer.
  9. Feel bad for the young guys. The big club has abandoned them and they will be slaughtered in the upcoming games. Hodgepodge team with a new coach and hardly any NHL experience. Real 'winning' environment there. I don't see why they couldn't have left a few vets behind. I suspect there would have been some takers on that decision.
  10. I'm gonna barf if I have to see a lot of Granny being buried on the 4th alongside Sutter and Dorsett.
  11. Who would get drafted in the 1st year though? No 18 yr olds, so the only 19yr olds would be the players not drafted the year before? Not sure how they would do the transition or maybe they skip the draft in the first year? Sounds awful for a rebuilding team.
  12. Same here. It also sounded like a question, rather than a statement. Oh well. Let it rip CDC!
  13. Hopefully it's fentanyl
  14. I think having his former coach as the new Canuck coach is an advantage for Jake as well. He certainly knew what to expect at training camp.