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  1. I think that's why they brought Strome in. Even if he plays really well this season, he won't be getting a 6M salary. I think with the emergence of Poolparty, they will move Drais to 2nd C in time. Just can't see them keeping RNH as their 3C. I don't think they'll have a hard time moving RNH.
  2. Not getting your humour here. I would think he expects to spend time in Utica learning the pro game. He's no Boeser; he's a 5th round pick, so it will likely be tough going for him regardless. Still, a freebe prospect who will probably be better than many of the players in Utica and may end up the 1st or 2nd C. He's a very good playmaker, so he may be able to help out some of the W prospects.
  3. Yeah, I would think all the Jrs return to their teams. Unless he goes to Euro, I think Juolevi gets his 9 games and then back to LKs. But, it is a long season and you know how the Canucks get injured. The prospects in the AHL will get plenty of opportunity to join the team as the season goes on. Like I said earlier, Boes may go to Utica for a short while so that the waiver eligible guys can be assessed, but he definitely makes the Canucks this season.
  4. I did say he may go down ala Stecher. Just until they can get the backlog of players sorted. I have no doubt he will be a regular forward on the team this season. Boucher or Gaunce might get picked up.
  5. I think Juolevi makes the team if he's in the same situation as Boes; waiver exempt and Utica eligible. Unfortunately, there are too many players that will have to go through waivers if they don't make the team right away. Don't see them putting Wiercioch on waivers just after signing him a couple of months ago. They probably wouldn't want to lose Biega either. Boes may go down to Utica for a while, so that some of the waiver eligible players get a chance to prove themselves (ala Stecher). Boucher, Chaput, Gaunce, Burmistrov, Rodin, Megna, Biega, Wiercioch and Pedan are waiver eligible. Of course not all of these players would be picked up off waivers, but some of the them might. Juolevi will likely get his 9 games and then back to Jrs (I would rather see him go to Europe).
  6. They're probably haggling over term, which I imagine Bo's agent wants shorter than what the Canucks want.
  7. Spoken like a true goaltender
  8. 1 good season and he (Pastrnak) is looking for +++$; likely 7M. I'd be very angry if the Nucks made that deal; especially before either Boes or Juolevi have had a chance to prove themselves.
  9. At the moment, I don't see Bo's game comparable to Bergeron at all. Bo needs to work on his defensive game if he is ever to win a Selke. Due to the lack of scoring (and 2nd line C) on the Canucks, Bo has focused more on his offensive game, which has effected his development of his defensive game. Of course, he is still very young, so he still has time to catch up. I just wonder how his development would be if he had had the luxury of playing in the 3C spot. I think you are underestimating Baer by comparing him to Raymond. Sven is a very good skater; not as fast as Mason, but much better at handling the puck at high speeds. He is a better 2-way player and a very good playmaker that can also score. For whatever reason, he's a late bloomer, but I suspect he will continue to improve; especially if he has a sniper on his line. Granlund's days as a C are likely finished, as he is a far better winger. Another late bloomer from Cal, Markus looks like he has a high offensive upside and may turn out to be a perennial top 6 player who is a game breaker. Don't mean to sound critical of your suggestions. After all...I haven't suggested other comparables in my response.
  10. This thread is soft.
  11. And he should be 'further along' as he is 4yrs older that Gaunce. That amount of hockey experience is why Megna can step into differing game circumstances. I agree that he is not bad as a bottom 6 player. Hopefully Brendan is outplaying him by mid-season (he'll need to recover fully from the shoulder surgery), so Megna can help out the Utica squad. 23yr old player with a 2-year contract will have lots of time to improve his offensive game.
  12. The Canucks just signed (or traded for) a minor player. "Ooooh, let's plan the parade."
  13. Yeah, I know. I just don't think Sutter does much for his linemates offensively. He still scores goals regardless as to whose on his line, so I'd rather see him mentoring Gaunce and whomever on the 4th.
  14. I've always wanted to see Eriksson playing on a line with Bo. He's a great playmaker and really good along the boards. With Bo bringing the puck to the O-zone, he passes it over to Loui, who has 2 snipers to find in position. On the 2nd with the Sedins, I'd like to see Rodin or (most likely) Granlund. I don't really like Sutter on an offensive 3rd line, so I would like to see Gags splitting Baer and Rodin/Granlund. The 4th is Gaunce Sutter Dorsett/Burm Plenty of room later in the season as injuries start to pile up. Lots of line changes as usual.
  15. 1- Exceed everyone's expectations? A- Nilsson (steals the #1 from a slumping Marks 2- Be the greatest disappointment? A- Hope I'm wrong, but am really concerned for Dorsett returning to his rough and tumble style after neck surgery 3- Get traded soonest?(any player in org) A- Gudbranson (Fla really wants him back badly and will offer Van more than he's worth 4- Get dealt(Canuck, not farm-hand) at TDL? A- Tanev 5- Heroically, save a crying bambino from a 5-alarm fire?! A- Gudbranson (just before he's traded to Fla and Nuck fans are up in arms). 6- Make undoubtedly, the most BEAUTIFUL, memorable play of the year? A- Goldobin (when he gets a callup from Utica).