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  1. Hockey sense can be improved on by consistently training with a focus on the basics, which is what he is doing in Utica. I think Torres' undisciplined temper had a negative effect on his career. Hopefully that will not be a problem for Jake. I don't see Jake as an elite player, but if he ends up a career 3rd liner after being picked 6th in a strong draft, it will be disappointing. In the end, if he works his butt off and puts out a solid effort every night, that's all you can as for. As you have stated; it's certainly not his fault where he was picked in the draft.
  2. Your comment came across a sarcastic. That's why I asked you to clarify.
  3. You think the chances of an undrafted, overaged Jr player reaching the NHL is high?
  4. That can be said about most Jr players.
  5. Me thinks you would do well with Jalen Chatfield or Borna Rendulic.
  6. LOL. Yeah, I do take a lot of flack at times. Guess ya gotta go with the long term signing with the NMC!
  7. Still trying to figure out how to change your username eh? Yep...me too
  8. Brock 'n Bo music ...any 'ol way you choose it!
  9. Virtanen, Boeser and Joulevi. I understand you have issues with Virt, but Joulevi and Boeser will likely become very good NHL players. Even if you think Jake will bust out (although it's far to early to reach that conclusion) Benning makes up for it with other picks in that year: Demko, Tryamkin. Not much to complain about there.
  10. I think he needs to be protected, as he's played in +100 games.