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  1. were so adequate its good
  2. we would appreciate how good he really is if we have to play against him
  3. no one deal or player will affect the legacy of Benning . He was brought in as a man who had a great eye for talent and character .. With picks like Virt and moves for guys like Guddy , the jury is truly still out .. It will be a couple of years at least before we know if his evil plan has come together . something tells me , we are going to look back on his time as Canucks g.m fondly . patience is a virtue
  4. the reason might have been that the guy who pays him didn't want to rebuild .
  5. you have to be the best in the world to get a roster spot in this league . he just isnt good enough
  6. I feel like its the grass is always greener syndrome .. Its the feeling your team lost a gem for nothing . I know thats happened to us a few times , so maybe some fans are a little gun shy
  7. I remember the outrage and panic when we lost him . lol ..
  8. lol .. hope your right . i like Gud though
  9. love games like this . reminds me of when i was a kid watching with my dad . its just a game . we knew there would be nights like this . dont let it get ya down . rejoice in hockey
  10. i called it for the wrong team ,, this is crazy
  11. yikes .. gonna be a high scoring game .. 6-5 for us
  12. Never want to see a guy get hurt this badly . players like Hall have to have enough respect for themselves and for their co workers to try and pass up big hits like this . I know its a split second decision , I know it could have been worse but it also could have been better .. he didn't have to run him over like that