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  1. i dont think what i said was very dramatic . I think it was factual and optimistic .. you sound very defensive .
  2. i had meant that this was the 3rd gm and or coach in the last 5 years .. not very stable .. that doesnt mean that they arent on the way up . I think they made a great decision too build their program with the new g.m looking forward to this season for sure
  3. then why trade him ? he's worth more to us then that the return people think we could get
  4. yikes .. thats alot of turn over in a very short time .... doesnt sound very stable .. lets hope the new gm kn hows what he's doing ..
  5. how do you guys think this may affect the daft and order of players taken ?
  6. give em 45 more years of getting close with no cigar ... well see
  7. sbisa is who we thought he was !!!!!
  8. ahhhhhhhh Ov i with the p.p o.t winner on a pass from Backstrom and Kuzzy !!!
  9. frack yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!! suck it vegaaaass !!!!!
  10. hockey is a damn fine game .. had to say it
  11. I am gonna mark the hell out of em !!! like a dog with a hairlip !!!! MARK MARK MARK !!!!!!!!!!
  12. what if aquillini want JB and TL to speed up rebuild?

    I pray that Aqua man just worries about his real estate and lets the hockey guys do the hockey stuff .. If he gets in the way and forces a faster rebuild , we are going to be average forever .. be patient , have respect for your fans aqua man .. we will wait for the right kind of rebuild . we know our hockey
  13. this is gonna be a fine finish !!! wooooohoooooo !!! hold on folks !!!!!