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  1. can't wait !!! lol i think i like it more than the kids !!!
  2. we make the playoffs this year , it'll look great on us !!
  3. If we miss this year , we better make it next , or that deal for miller could look neely bad .. Praying we surprise people and dont have to worry about it this year !!! Cant take the stress of 2 years from now if we dont .. I honestly wonder how the team would fait under that kind of fan pressure ?
  4. I don't agree .. there are a lot of people making a lot of money in sports .. why shouldn't the athletes who give up their bodies for our entertainment be compensated ?
  5. gonna be another strong year !! nice job gmen !!
  6. I think lucic is off to the flamers for James neil and a piece
  7. I sure hope Virtanen isn't going to be a potential 4th liner .. that would really suck
  8. wait till you find out the price and term . Im guessing your not gonna be much happier ..
  9. well .. its happening .. lord knows what the terms will be but at this point , we just have to hope it works out and that this team makes the playoffs ,, I dont hold my breath waiting for a good deal though .. these last few years , some of the trades and signings have been brutal . its hard being a Canucks fan ... hope the hockey gods give us a break here welcome tyler and jordie !!
  10. kadri and Tkatchuk ... wow ... they are serious ass holes now
  11. sorry but 12 is nuts .. hes a great player but thats crazy for a winger ,, wouldn't pay marner that either ..
  12. I know this guy has been dominant for a long time but watching him play this year , I couldn't help but notice his clear deterioration in many aspect of the game .. I know its a bummer that san jose lost a guy who had so much history with them but I think this deal is something Dallas will regret as soon as this year . that's a big swack of dough for 3 years and I may be wrong but I just don't think he's gonna be worth it ,
  13. fans here will say you have no proof but I think you are right on the money .. we are in a squeeze here ..
  14. your completely right .. the problem is , the worst really can happen , and if it does , this deal will have been one of the worst this franchise has made in a long time .. Im hoping it goes the way you said !!