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  1. not sure why you got a minus for what you said .. i gave you a plus to bring you up to par . I dont think you deserved a minus for what you just expressed Im a white liberal btw
  2. I dont care how talented this guy is .. no one in that vancouver locker room wants to spend their year with an a$$hole . you'd be sending a message to the rest of the league .. " character means nothing here , our ownership could care less about how the players on this team think or feel " not gonna happen folks . not with Jim and trevor at the wheel ..
  3. just makes you feel sick . its a helpless feeling . fear, anger , deep sadness .. this is humanity at its worst . god help us all ..
  4. well thought out and well said sir .. living in our country is a privilege not a right .. assimilate or leave . I just dont see how someone who believes in sharia law can successfully live within a western society . political correctness must be thrown out the window if we are to tackle this problem realistically
  5. This is just brutal no matter who did it for what. The world is literally going to hell in a hand basket
  6. too many people dont think that way until its too late .. truly its never worth risking your 1 beautiful life over some fool . My kids have given me perspective too but earlier in my life I made poor decisions in situations just like this one
  7. you hit the nail on the head .. seems that half the people getting shot by cops would never have lost their lives if they had just got over themselves and took the cop to court .. you just make too too too much sense .. wish more people could think like you do
  8. this guy has spent his whole career facing adversity .. He has overcome astronomical odds and It wouldn't surprise me if he proves the doubters wrong again . I have to believe its one of the biggest reasons he's still a valued member of this team He works his ass off and is a great role model fro the younger generation .. in the sense of , if you work hard and believe in yourself , you can do anything I see him as a 3rd line penalty killing specialist who pisses off the other team and scores a few clutch goals . the guy you love on your team but hate to play against . sure he may have lost a step with age and how he plays the game but you know hell just come out harder next year
  9. i would make the trade in a video game . in real life this guy isnt worth the risk .. I dont even mean risk of being a problem maker . I mean an injury risk and a guy who seems pretty over rated to me .
  10. C H A R A C T E R Reading this was refreshing and inspiring . you build winners around guys like this
  11. I dont think thats all the fans are after , though its a lovely thought . In my opinion , a lot of the fanbase feel that managements plan is to make the playoffs at whatever cost . I have faith in what they are trying to accomplish but most of the people I talk to, think otherwise . They would be happy to invest if they thought there was a clear path ( rebuilding slash tanking ) though I am of the opinion that there can be no guarantee of winning that way , I think a lot of the punters out there are frustrated by an owner that seems to cherish 1 round of revenue more than he cherishes a future contender . I follow every move this team makes and I really like jim and Trevor . I feel they are doing their best to make this team better each year . I am a die hard .. I am guessing there are a lot of us here . Most of the fans out there are pretty frustrated They want a clear path , even if that means rebuilding .