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  1. life is weird . sometimes your not expecting much, and it can surprise you . the kids and the new guys might come through might give the Sedins a little push . gonna be fun to watch , no matter how it goes .
  2. Although mass shootings are often viewed as some of the worst acts of gun violence, they seem to have little effect on public opinion about gun rights, based on surveys from the Pew Research Center. That helps explain why Americans’ support for the right to own guns appears to be rising over the past 20 years even as more of these mass shootings make it to the news .. Its disheartening and sad ... You cant save someone who doesnt want to be saved . God bless America
  3. Im always curious how long a troll can survive on this website ,before being sent packing .
  4. a lot of cement hands tonight .. September games are a little ugly
  5. 3 goals in 4 shots ? yeah .. he needs to be better lol
  6. did nelson have his eyes closed there ???
  7. he really does . we know that these guys typically take more time . lets hope he's ripe and ready to bring us a ton more value
  8. nice !!!!!!!!!!! what hand eye baby !!!!!!!
  9. nice flow to this game
  10. annnnnnnnd done
  11. i dont disagree at all .. heres hoping that Oli becomes as good as he thinks he can be .. he has no issue with confidence and I really dig that .. Hope in a couple years from now we have reason to celebrate a genius pick
  12. perhaps I went a little too far with dominating .. lol .. i could gave chosen a less dominating word .. he has been pretty frickin good though .. this isnt the first time the comparison has come up
  13. cant we share our opinions without trashing each other ? In my first post , I actually said that it was still too early to call .. did you read my post ? dont be a troll .. come on .. edmonton fans like you and canuck fans like me ,can still be friends on this board
  14. Not every player dude .. Juolevi , the player we picked instead of Tkatchuk .... Damn right people have high expectations for him .. its not none sense , its common sense
  15. all good points but I think at this moment , fans should probably feel a little skeptical seeing mathew tkachuk dominating in the NHL ,while the pick we made looks " GOOD , reliable ,and consistent " in a young stars game .. Obviously way too early to tell but not crazy to feel little worried . Would really like to see more .. Hoping he can become an elite dman , not just a good one