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  1. Brainteasers & riddles thread

    he had hicups
  2. Brainteasers & riddles thread

    easy one.. what is the next letter in this sequence? OTTFFSSE
  3. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    ^^ lol EPIC
  4. YouTube Thread 2.0

    what a great cover
  5. pretty sure it's been said that it will be a 7 book series
  6. you wont be disappointed when you watch it
  7. When Arya said "anyone can be killed" she wasn't kidding.
  8. or I'll be pissed. In the EW interview the actress who does Catelyn was really coy about the time frame she's signed for. yes, i agree.
  9. Also I knew what was going to happen but I still had this tremendous sense of apprehension throughout the episode, and once the Rains of Castamere started playing I got really upset.
  10. well... a little different than the books, but a very well done episode.. season finale next week already!
  11. YouTube Thread 2.0

    not youtube, but worth watching...
  12. i heard that it's not on this sunday.. skip a week and it's on the 2nd.. i hope not, but thats what I heard..
  13. i cant wait till next episode... omg omg omg
  14. YouTube Thread 2.0

    that wasnt funny in the least... it was just rude