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  1. How would you say that AHN has a better prospect pool? We are deeper in literally every position. For time sake I will only name the more elite prospects of both teams: LW: Virtanen, Shinkaruk, Fox C: Horvat, McCann, Cassels, RW: Jensen, Gaunce, Grenier D: Corrado, Hutton G: Markstrom, Demko, Eriksson Not to mention Kassian, Vey, Tanev, Sbisa are all still young and can grow with our younger core. Who does Anaheim have other than Gibson, Rakell, Theodore, Smith-Pelly? Ducks still have a strong pool, one of the strongest in the NHL. But theres no way i'd be willing to trade our prospects for theirs.
  2. Troll. Hey, do you like Hockey Night in Canada? Just checking, I think they are great!
  3. Exactly. So many posts on here are don't take salary cap into account. We won that Kesler trade by miles. Kesler has reached his ceiling, Bonino is still on the rise. Kelser @5m or Bonino @1.9? thats a no-brainer. We are a far better team now that we were in 2013.
  4. Bonino usually played against opponents top or second lines. What if Lack out plays Miller? Thats a good thing. Every team has that possibly of their back-up out preforming their #1. Look at the stats. Most of the Canucks had record lows last year or close too. We arn't expecting them to rebound and become better than before just play like we know they can. With a few new players, deeper talent, and a more positive and knowledgeable coach we will do just fine.
  5. Disagree. Kesler will not be missed, he was more of a detriment to the team in the locker room than a positive on the ice. Bonino even put up better numbers. Also, we are a better team than San Jose top to bottom. Guarenteed we get back on track this year and beat teams like San Jose and even L.A. and ANA from time to time. L.A. and ANA are better teams yes, but not by all that much. We have a deeper prospect pool and a much brighter future as a hockey club.