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  1. Like alot of young players....and some young people in general. The good thing is that there is time and hope for them to turn things around when given the right opportunities and menors/teachers.
  2. IMO: It would be no risk (with possible high reward) to have Weber, Corrado, Stanton, and Del Zotto battle it out at training camp to make this club. Del Zotto has alot to prove and Vancouver would be the perfect setting and opportunity for him to earn a roster spot...and possibly develop as a contributing Canuck OFD for years to come.
  3. Having too many D-men for the start of camp can't be a bad thing. They can always make a trade for a pick or forward with their surplus. I can't see the 6th or 7th depth d-man on the Canucks being a sure lock at this stage of the offseason. Give the guy a shot and see what happens. I'd take a chance on Del Zotto over a Y.Weber any day. Low risk high reward if it works out IMO. PS. Cheers Elvis15 and thanks for the heads up and info.
  4. Might give a push to the likes of Weber and Corrado perhaps. Nevertheless, 24 year old with upside should be minimal risk at the right price; Also, based on training camp performance, this could result in a surplus of bottom pairing/surplus D-men that could be used in a trade for a forward if we need to fill some holes. Yannick Weber IMO is a fringe bottom pairing, or occasional healthy scratch.
  5. Wondering if Canucks could use this 24 year old offensive puck moving decent skating D-man? Has anyone heard anything lately on this being a possible UFA signing Benning could target?
  6. NHL 12 says it would work out and be as fluffy as pancakes.
  7. What about Columbus? Heard from Hockeybuzz as a possible trading partner as well as TO & FLA.