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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    How big would all those Lou trade threads be if they were combined into one?
  2. GDT/PGT - Preseason September 28th - Canucks Vs. Oilers

    You dont know that the radio is on they could just be looking at it
  3. Cheap Popsicle Sticks and CDs

    I have a project for school where I need to design a mass propelled vehicle with cds and popsicle sticks. Being a university student money iso tight so I was wondering if anyone knew the place place to find these.
  4. NHL logos with Vegas' flare

    The Edmonton one is very fitting
  5. After a month I finally have Internet again!!!! So what did I miss?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Wilbur


      Trump happened.

    3. ItsMillerTime


      How did you not have internet for a month! Most of society can't even go a minute with out it.

    4. Dancin'Droid


      I moved to an Internet dead zone where there is only one provider who was backlogged for 2 months but I lucky and got in a month early

  6. It has become best goalie wins and against Holtby that is not going to be an easy win
  7. NHL Draft Lotto

    I get that but this has been beaten to death lately and it seems like there is 2 topics a day about this
  8. NHL Draft Lotto

    They all do have a representative there, did you even watch the video I linked?
  9. NHL Draft Lotto

    You really think that all the teams there will allow that? Not to mention the accounting firm that actually runs the simulation that has to worry about its reputation. The draft isn't rigged so everyone can stop worryin so much.
  10. NHL Draft Lotto

    There is actual balls but the whole thing is kinda boring. They upload a video to NHL.com after the reveal. Here is a link to last year's http://video.oilers.nhl.com/videocenter/console?id=810822
  11. Trade value of top 3 picks.

    whoops my bad
  12. Trade value of top 3 picks.

    The GM was fired shortly after saying that, not saying they are connected but you never know
  13. [Rumour] Demko to sign with Canucks

    Who is going to want Miller? If I recall correctly Miller said he wanted to be on the west coast to be near his wife and every Pacific team he would be willing to go to doesn't need a goalie. I don't see how a 50/50 split with Miller doesn't give Markstrom "experience" as that is what Schneider had with Lou.
  14. [Rumour] Demko to sign with Canucks

    How I see it stick with M&M 50/50 split and let Demko play in the A. If Demko is having a great year and Miller is willing trade him and call up Demko. Personally I would rather let Demko play all year in Utica and hopefully go on a run like Markstrom did and keep Miller to help/provide backup in case Markstrom is slumping, we don't need to throw him to the wolves like 2014 Lack.
  15. What would make a satisfied offseason?

    So does Sedin become Sed, Sediny or Sediner? Maybe just go with Daner and Hanky