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  1. Obviously Hamhuis and a pick/top prospect coming back are the centre pieces. However, I remember a couple years ago the Capitals GM stated in an interview that he feels he owes to Ovi as much of a team and as strong as an effort to build a cup team as Ovi has gave to the organization. Therefore, sure, they want Hamhuis, but the want the cup and they want everything they can get to help.   Trade: Washington gains Hamhuis (50% off) and Jannik Hansen.  Vancouver gains Brooks Orpik, Madison Bowey, and a first round pick.   NOW hear me - Washington knows it has to pay a premium. Bowey wont help them win... Hamhuis and Hansen will. Orpik soaks up 5 million and hasn't played since early november... They havent and dont need him.    Ovechkin Backstrom Oshie Burakovsky Kuznetsov Williams Hansen Johansson Wilson Chimera Richards Beagle Alzner Niskanen Hamhuis Carlson Schmidt Orlov Holtby   Best Case Scenario: Hamhuis re signs in Vancouver in off season, Washington (Hansen Hamhuis Ovi win cup).  
  2. Sign, Trade, Waive

    Sign Larkin, Trade Ehlers, Waive McCann   Doughty, Kopitar, Quick.  
  3. Sign, Trade, Waive

    Ramsay baby Sign, waive, and trade: Laine Matthews Puljujarvi...   *To answer @Toews Sign Draisatl, Trade Hall, Waive McDavid (Call me crazy but he will be intimidated following his shoulder injury, already had a broken hand the year before. NO, I don't think he is injury prone, but one more could mess with him)
  4. I ran the draft lottery simulator: Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOW - This is my ideal pre-draft and draft day results.    We deadline day moved Vrbata to Montreal and retained a % of his cap, for a first round pick. However, he remains stagnant and they don't turn the season around. Therefore, we end up with the 7th overall pick as well. (They are 6-18-1 in the last 25, who knows how bad it gets).    We deadline day moved Hamhuis to Dallas for a first round pick - it will be late - Hamhuis is an olympian and SCF runner up. He is still exceptional, has the experience, and aside from a poor start of the season he will have lots of energy to provide and experience, making him a valuable asset for playoff teams. We end up with the 27th overall pick as well.   Come the drafting: 1) Toronto does not hesitate and takes Matthews - setting the future core with Nylander Marner Kapanen Matthews and maybe Stamkos. 2) We, Vancouver, do not hesitate to take either Patrick Laine or Jesse Puljujarvi. ***We have a trade to announce*** The Ottawa Senators trade the 3rd overall pick to the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for the 7th overall pick and Alex Edler. 3) The Vancouver Canucks follow up with whom they did not take of either Patrick Laine or Jesse Puljujarvi   Similar to how we acquired the Sedin's at 2 and 3, but with Benning not Burke, we get 2 monstrous power forwards with every skill the game has: Speed, Strength, Handles, Shot, IQ, Defensive, Size   With the $15 Million in cap space following the loss of Hammer Vrb and Edler and re-signing of Biega Bartkowski Baertschi Etem Vey, Benning moves onto the free agency frenzy. Benning tries to sign: Kris Russell @ 5.5 Million per, for 5 years. Andrew Ladd @ 6-7 Million per, for 5 years. Luke Schenn @ 2 Million per, for 3 years.   Canucks enter 2016-17 with their drafted acquisitions in AHL. A few call ups here and there. 2017-18 looks like this. Sutter Horvat Ladd Sedin's Virtanen Laine McCann Puljujarvi Gaunce Zalewski Hansen Etem   Russel Tanev Hutton Biega Schenn Sbisa Bartkowski   Markstrom Demko              
  5. Daniel Sundin Bertuzzi Naslund Henrik Demitra Linden Morrison Kesler Torres Horvat Virtanen   Ohlund Jovanoski Salo Bourdon Hamhuis Tanev Luongo  Schneider
  6. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    Draft a stud high and take Vladimir Kuznestov with Columbus' 31st pick?? I think yes
  7. If we win 2nd or 3rd overall, should we trade for either one we don't get and draft both Puljujarvi and Laine?

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      Well, are they both Geminis, at least?

    2. thejazz97


      Maybe in 2021 they'll make a commercial with hilariously bad dancing.

  8. Canucks - Who is our next Core ?

    Demko, Horvat, Hutton, Tanev, McCann, Boeser, Virtanen Shink, Gaunce, Cassels and Baert are 50/50's (hopeful's obviously)
  9. Pending UFA Stamkos for Pending UFA Backes and Shattenkirk?

    1. thejazz97


      Too much IMO.

    2. Phil_314


      They'll be stacked on the back end but weaker up front with Stammer gone (could depend who they bring on to "replace" him).  

      Hedman - Shattenkirk
      Coburn - Stralman
      Garrison - Sustr


    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Gotta admit..already tired of all this Stammer-obsessin'. Memories of when TBay had the 'Big-3'.

  10. Drouin + for Murray?
    Drouin + for Severson?

    1. thejazz97


      Drouin for Theodore?

  11. Vrbata for a 2nd 2016 and a 2nd 2017 Hamhuis for a 1st 2016 and a 3rd 2016 Prust for a 3rd 2016 or 2017   Offer Stamkos a 10 year $100 million dollar contract Offer Lucic a 5 year $25 million dollar contract   Re sign RFA's to current deals or slight increase - no cap space left.   Daniel Stamkos Sutter Lucic Henrik Hansen Baertschi Horvat Virtanen Dorsett McCann Etem Burrows   Hutton Tanev Bart Biega Sbisa Edler
  12. [Game] Either-or (V2.0)

    drouin who would win the final between washington and dallas
  13. Trade 1: Jake Virtanen and 2nd 2016 for Jonathon Drouin  Trade 2: Hamhuis for Opriks and Vrana Trade 3: Vrbata for something sweet   FA:  Chase Stammer with a 8 yr / 10 mil per offer. Intrigue with Drouin Horvat McCann Boeser 5th overall ++ and fact he will become captain soon. Grab Lucic with a 6 yr / 6 mil per offer.  Sedin Sedin Lucic Drouin Stamkos Sutter McCann Horvat Baertschi Burrows Cracknell Dorsett without sedin's: Drouin Stamkos Lucic Baertschi Horvat Sutter Shinkaruk McCann Boeser Gaunce Cassels Kenins            
  14. To those who are correcting his math, i SMH. 1% of 1.367 Billion is 13.67 Million.