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  1. Oh I'm sorry 3 full grown men vs 1 man that didn't look to be all that big, they have tazers, pepper spray, clubs oh and hand to hand combat training! You are correct in he was "assaulting" an officer. People assault officers all the time, but yet they don't get shot. They were rocks, not Bullets. They fired multiple rounds in a busy area, risking other people's lives all over a guy throwing friggen rocks. If you think this is anything close to ok, you have some problems.
  2. If 4-5 officers can't contain a man that is throwing rocks and need to resort to shooting him, they should all turn in there badges. This is disgusting and these guys should be stripped of there uniform and thrown in gen pop.
  3. How would a gun not save you from intruders and how would it not feed you. I guess you never have been out of the city? Taking a deer or a moose is far easier with a rifle than not, and if someone breaks into my house and is staring down the barrel of my 12 gauge I gaurantee they will think twice about continuing.
  4. You can challenge the course and be done in about a half hour and transporting a non restricted firearm does not require a trigger lock or any locking device.