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  1. NFL thread

    missed pat
  2. NFL thread

    On twitter The score is reporting that the NFL and referees have come to an agreement
  3. NFL thread

    channel 23 has been talking about this 1 call for a whole show
  4. NFL thread

    I'm done with the NFL. the replacement refs gave SF a challenge after they used their last timeout, gave him his timeout back and then he challenges another play, also players are getting hurt because of illegal plays and there's not even a flag on the play. I'm done watching people get carted off.... BRING BACK THE DAMN REFS
  5. boycotting NHL and NFL. greedy people putting athlete's life at risk by putting incompetent referees on the field

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      I am sooo pissssed right now GRRRRRRRR NFL frak nhl

  6. Ask Avelanche Anything? - the resurrection

    say it ain't so
  7. Ask Avelanche Anything? - the resurrection

    Why do Kamakazee pilots wear Helmets? If a turtle loses its shell, is it considered naked or homeless?
  8. Ask Avelanche Anything? - the resurrection

    Will a Canadian team win the Stanley Cup before the Maple Leafs make the playoffs?
  9. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Finally beat dead space 2, guess I'll move on to dead island until NHL 13
  10. What Are You Currently Playing?

    dead space 2 on hardcore. Probably the hardest game (modern era) since u only get 3 saves and no checkpoints.
  11. CFL Thread

    BC Sask Tor Edmonton
  12. Ask Avelanche Anything? - the resurrection

    Bettman for President?
  13. CFL Thread

    lets just say its karma for chanting "BC SUCKS!!!" when they were losing in the 3rd quarter
  14. CFL Thread

    hasnt been the best game for the lions but I knew they would come back. Lulay probably had his worse game of the year but performed when it mattered
  15. Canucks Memes

    We need more memes lol