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  1. [PROPOSAL] Deadline deals for defencemen

    Medvedev is 33, just FYI

    PS Visnovsky and McMillan are UFA.
  3. Where do you rank our Top 3 Dmen

    I think these teams all have pretty nice top 3's as well: Anaheim (Fowler, Lindholm, Vatanen) LA (Doughty, Muzzin, Martinez) Minnesota (Suter, Brodin, Spurgeon) Montreal (Subban, Markov, Petry) NYI (Boychuk, Leddy, Hamonic) ST Louis (Pietrangelo, Shattenkirk, Bouwmeester) TBL (Hedman, Stralman, Garrison) I think Van falls out of the top 10 I think TOML might be right with the Top 20 & downward trajection evaluation
  4. New Armchair GM web site

    I like that a lot too! It`s a super cool touch. Do you think you might do that for handiness for goalies, maybe indicating catching hand or something? It's probably not as necessary considering most goalies catch with there left, and handiness is more useful for determining what side of the ice a skater is probably going to line up on. But I'd think it was cool at the least!
  5. [discussion]Bring Back Mike Santorelli?

    Before VAN hired Benning, they were trying to sign Santo to another 1 year deal but he wanted a multi year contract. I'm not sure if Benning decided on dropping contract talks once he was hired, or if he was also willing to give Santo a 1 year but Santo wanted more. And then he went UFA and only got a 1 year contract anyway. Here's the link from The Province (Santo stuff is under 2): http://blogs.theprovince.com/2014/06/03/hat-trick-is-it-trading-garrison-time/
  6. Tampa Trade: Stralman is the upgrade piece, so if Tampa is in "win-now" mode, why would they be looking to downgrade in order to pick up a 3rd round draft pick? This is something a rebuidling team might do. Stralman is 28 with a $4.5 cap hit, Bieksa is 34 with a $4.6 cap hit. Both Tampa and Vancouver are cap teams, so the cap hit is more important than the actual $ paid (in Bieksa's case he's only being paid $2.5 in real dollars next season, making him ideal to be sent to a team that needs to reach the cap floor, yet have an internal budget for players. Would Bieksa wave to go to a team like that? Maybe, maybe not). Philly Trade: Any trade for a top 10 pick would probable have to include a swap of 1st rounders. Exceptions to this would be if they are getting a guy they think will be a star on their team, like how the Devils were willing to give up the Bo Horvat pick for Schneider knowing he was going to be the starting goalie in the near future. I don't know if any of the guys you suggested fit that mold. Nice pieces, but not really on the same level. Trades for 2nds & 3rds: Hansen fits the type of player that could be moved for one of these picks - good player, good cap hit. Another guy fitting this mold is Higgins. But Sbisa is probably not tradeable due to him being recently signed to a contract that most people are saying is too rich for what he provides. Weber is RFA, so unless someone thinks he's going to be pretty good for them, I don't see anyone pursuing him and offering more than a late rounder to get his negotiation rights. Corrado and Clendenning have to clear Waivers starting next year (both have to be re-signed), so VAN definitely has to move a piece out on the blue line. Maybe packaging a Bieksa or a Hamhuis with our 1st to someone would allow us to move up. Trading a goalie is also something that needs to happen otherwise we probably lose Markstrom for nothing given his qualifying offer has to be around $1 mil or something like that so he wont be able to be buried in the minors. Maybe adding Markstrom as a piece with a D-man mentioned earlier and our 1st is the best way to move up this year.
  7. [Trade] Robak to Ducks for Blacker and Pick

    And they moved Allen about a week before they had to pick up Brewer. It's been a really weird last couple weeks on the Ducks' blue line
  8. [Report] Canucks recall Nicklas Jensen

    No confirmation as far as I know, just speculation since he left the game for a bit last night (even though he came back)
  9. [Report] Canucks recall Nicklas Jensen

    I`m with 70seven and guess that Jensen will be joining the Sedins if Vrbata is in fact injured. Other than that I can see it being a Kassian replacement so they can spread out Bo`s 9 games like a previous poster said. The Higgy Bones Burr line has had some real nice chemistry lately so it`d be a shame to break that line up. Not to mention the Sedins could make a trash can look like a 20 goal scorer so Jensen with them would be A-OK in my books.
  10. Canucks assign Shinkaruk to Utica

    Also, Shinkaruk turns 20 this month, whereas Horvat only turned 19 in April of this year.
  11. (Discussion) Players we could get from Texas?

    Well, Dustin Jeffrey finished his season and won the Calder Cup with the Texas Stars this year and we signed him (will likely play top minutes for Utica this season). So there's that?
  12. [Signing] Ducks re-sign Jakob Silfverberg

    After the Ducks traded Penner to the Caps, Belesky and Smith-Pelly were the usual alternating line mates for Getzlaf and Perry, especially in the playoffs. If they continue with that formula, I'd expect to see Heatley somewhere between the 3rd/4th lines with a combination of Silfverberg/Palmieri/Etem joining Kesler on the 2nd line.
  13. Transamerica Securities Inc

    The short story answer to this is the product providers pay companies/agents/brokers to sell their investment funds within a given product (for the sake of argument, a Transamerica RRSP as an example), and they use this cash to invest in stocks/bonds/etc to grow the fund. As a purchaser, the money you put in will also grow in value. This ignores market fluctuation of course. All investments go both up and down obviously. As for returns on their products, this information can often be found online as long as you know what you're looking for. I can't speak specifically to Transamerica on this, but I know with Manulife you can find lots of information on returns for any of their funds through "Manulife Globefund" (which you can quickly Google search and something should come up). I'd imagine it is the same with Transamerica. Finally, as for the OP's question, I don't think it's a scam because Transamerica is a relatively big player in the Canadian insurance and investment industry. There's licensing courses that you have to take to legally sell insurance or investments for any company though, so that makes it pretty hard to hire someone on the spot as a sales person unless they were already qualified in that regard. If that person is trying to gain clients through your friend (as peaches5 mentioned might be happening), that'd be pretty shifty!
  14. Any Tax Guru's Here?

    You can check out the Stats Canada website for tax brackets.
  15. Playing a showcase at The Roxy tonight. Who likes to drink on Mondays?!