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  1. NBA Discussion

    Pro athletes make dumb decisions all the time.
  2. At some point you have to start building a team rather than just keep adding potential. Perhaps I'm thinking too far ahead but when your GM is on a 2 year extension, time is of the essence. There is a good chance that if significant strides aren't made in short order that a new GM might get to see the fruits of Benning's labour.
  3. NBA Discussion

    Now I'm no rocket scientist but you may want to clear that up BEFORE you trade for him.
  4. We already snagged Dahlen for pennies on the dollar from Ottawa. Benning needs to trade anyone not named Boeser - maybe Horvat, for EK. He would immediately accelerate the rebuild. We wouldn't have to wait another 3-5 years to see if Hughes or OJ pan out. There is a Rolls Royce on the lot and Benning needs to stop kicking its tires and buy it already.
  5. [Signing] Ducks re-sign Adam Henrique

    Yeah, more cap room so the money gets spread around to more players and not just the top end. Players push for maximum dollars every time and why not. Timing on raises is everything. You can't walk into your managers office and demand a raise when your company is flat lining. But if there is all of a sudden an increased amount of money to spend and your number is due for a raise, then you take it. There doesn't need to be another lock out. This was the deal the owners wanted. Now they need another lockout to protect themselves...from themselves even more?
  6. Yep no log jam. Just good depth. Injuries happen and I'd rather have capable replacements when needed.
  7. [Signing] Ducks re-sign Adam Henrique

    What's wrong with that though? The salary cap keeps climbing so lower end players should get a bump too. Are they any less deserving because they don't have all star skill sets?
  8. With the way top end players eat up significant chunks of cap room, almost every team is hosed if 1 or 2 of their top end players goes down for any period of time. Personally I hope the Blackhawks either just make or miss the playoffs and end up with a middling pick. They put themselves in this position by handing out big fat extensions to their top players and now ultimately are paying the price. The fact that a team like the Coyotes threw them a bone and relived them of Hossa's salary makes me wish more ill will upon them.
  9. I can only imagine what the cost of one of these condos is going to be. I also wonder how many will be purchased and unoccupied making it just another ghost building.
  10. *** Big Brother 20 Thread ***

    I don't understand the tears. Finally someone has 2 big threats on the block in the second week and one is gone. I enjoy the treachery. Keep it coming.
  11. Would you trade a 1st and 3rd for him right now? If the answer is no then no need to offer sheet him.
  12. NFL thread

    20 kids probably only puts him in the top 10 of the NFL. One of his smaller achievements.
  13. NFL thread While I'm not shocked about this as TO has shown to be self centered, I do think the HOF is being petty too.
  14. Make sure you check the lines coming off the coolant overflow. I'm fairly sure mine has a slow leak so that when the overflow has coolant in it, it slowly goes down. It's not going into the engine thank goodness but when it gets low I have to top it up over I get coolant overheating issues. I thought at first it was a bad thermostat but bought a new one and replaced it and filled it up the right level and there was no issue. But that was also when I noticed the drip when the overflow was at the fill line. I haven't bothered fixing it because it looks like a real pain due to tight working space. I have a 2004 rusty beater avalanche. But as many others have said, it's likely just AC condensation.