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  1. It's been a mild winter in Alberta so far.
  2. Yep. Even guys that allegedly get handies at Orchids of Asia, are allowed to remain the owner of their team.
  3. It feels more like a resign or walk the plank scenario then him just quitting under his own volition.
  4. But doesn't it also beg the question if he is a crappy coach and crappy person, how did he keep getting hired?
  5. I just wish the Flames had a winning record and were one of the top teams in the NHL. Then let's see how fast he would've been let go.
  6. Expecting perfection is asking for disappointment. In my world, criticism isn't an opinion, it's just overt negativity.
  7. Athletes are not lazy. The expectation that ever single shift they give 1000% or they are a lazy POS is so far off base.
  8. The league and the PA announced it wouldn't re-open the CBA for another few years so expect more of the same kinda overpayments in term and dollar value.
  9. Did you miss the memo? He got a 3 year extension in August. He isn't going anywhere.
  10. You have a big nose, cat breath and are an illegal alien. You're in the press box tonight and the foreseeable future.
  11. I was going to mention that exact course of action but I got distracted with work. It's a great idea and has a much more meaningful impact.