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  1. Filling up gas in Jerry can

    It's easy to fill your jerry can at the gas station. Just fill it like you would your gas tank. I have a jerry can of gasoline for my lawn mower and to help get a fire going in the fire pit if needed. If you plan to fill your car with it, ensure you have some rags around in case you spill. Also know the refill capacity of your car compared to the size of the jerry can.
  2. It's totally absurd that people get caught up in one bad move and try to define a GM's career over it. How does one poor trade or bad signing override multiple other successes? It must be something like how negatively programmed and negatively driven people are. The ironic thing is while fans get caught up in evaluation this way, it's clear that the people signing the cheques look at full bodies of work vs one move in a vacuum.
  3. This was an online poll with 2125 Canadians participating, of which about a 1000 were allegedly from BC. BC has a population of almost 5 million. This is bunk journalism at best.
  4. [Proposal] Help Philadelphia

    The Flyers are going to have to explore all their options cuz it looks like the Penguins are going to sweep them outta the first round. They look absolutely terrible so far and can't go into next season with the same lineup. I do think you are putting to much value in a draft pick...but that's the general consensus so I can't blame you. The Flyers have stock piled a solid core of young talent and their picks now can be used to upgrade other areas or free up cap space which is essentially what the OP is getting at here.
  5. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    Hirsch has gingervitis. Disregard his comments.
  6. I know I risk sounding insensitive here but I wonder why the players and their families need all this financial support? I get that some families lost their main breadwinners and could use some financial help or I can get behind a scholarship fund or something like that but plenty of people die daily and aren't getting millions of dollars raised for them just because this team had some it's members pass away in an accident. Do the parents of the passed away players really need money coming their way? I can assure you that no amount of money will heal the loss of your child. I just see people throwing money at this because they feel like money helps and makes them feel better about 'helping'. When donations are the 10M mark, I can envision someone skimming off the top of the generousity.
  7. Pass on any and all re-treads.
  8. Twitter is troll central and they are all hungry.
  9. whoosh. I meant pot.
  10. Sounds like a modern age hippy movement. Green Technology...the hippies love the green.
  11. Hopefully said trade would take him far far far away from the Canucks.
  12. The river has been a shell of what it used to be for years now. I remember in my youth how productive fishing was on it. As the years passed, the returns were sadder and sadder. Eurocan has been closed down for a while now so I am sure the river has self healed but I always wondered what long term effects local industry has had on it.
  13. Close...Eurocan in Kitimat.
  14. While I don't agree with his choice of arguments, I do think the idea that anything is dumped into the waterways of any province is a shameful practice. I grew up on the North Coast of BC and the main fish producing river in town was polluted with an effluent discharge pipe leading from the local pulp and paper mill to near the mouth of the river and into the ocean. The mill is no longer open but one would have to be naïve to think that effluent from the mill from all those years didn't have long term health effects on the river, nearby ocean and it's wildlife.
  15. [Proposal] VAN - CHI

    Nice compelling argument.