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  1. Can't argue with that. I was more or less saying it from a personal perspective. I know some fans enjoy all aspects of a sports franchise, and some like myself, could care less about the performance per dollar.
  2. I dunno man. I guess we just enjoy sports for vastly different reasons. I have zero interest in the business side of the team. Players salaries are inconsequential.
  3. Why do you care about player salaries at all?
  4. OIC. Only offensive players earn the right to be paid more because production.
  5. Good thing he isn't an offensive center who is relied upon for production or this commentary might make sense.
  6. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Can't wait for some trading action today.
  7. I think this is what a lot of people are missing. At some point you have to put a team together rather than just continuing to amass prospects.
  8. Things that annoy you.

    or that you had to use your spit to get it back in your eye because that's all you had at that very moment.
  9. Things that annoy you.

    By even worse did you mean more delicious?
  10. [Report] Trotz to become new NYI HC

    Was Snow really that bad anyways? He gets a bum rap for some poor moves made or some bad contracts, but all GMs make poor moves and give out bad contracts. He seemed to amass a bunch of solid prospects but could never overcome inadequate goaltending.
  11. Sadly the cavalry isn't coming any time soon. They Canucks have atrocious depth on the blue line on the team and in the pipeline. Instead of drafting defencemen this team needs to figure out how to parlay some forward prospect depth into defensive prospect depth that is closer to prime time.
  12. BC Lions

    Isn't there a lawyer on here who can comment on this? @Jimmy McGill
  13. Where do the Sedins fit into the Sedin Talk post? 2nd line or 3rd line?
  14. Benning and Linden quotes on Draft Prospects

    Sorry that you took it so literal and felt it was necessary to be anal retentive about it. The point being is that when the opportunity was there he forced his way onto the team way faster than any recent top prospect this team has had and basically became the best player. This team needs more players to do this instead of always waiting an unknown amount of years for a player to get it together.
  15. [Trade] Hoffman to Florida

    If they had a smart owner they would can Dorion before he makes a crappy Karlsson trade. But they don't soooo expect a crappy Karlsson trade.