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  1. I was using Marner as an example of adapting to be successful. He has earned a spot on the team by earning the trsut of his coach. Instead, what we have here is most fans just wanting to gift spots to rookies who aren't willing to listen to the coaching staff's message.
  2. You are just making up convenient excuses to defend your favourite players. Blame the system all you like but you have to adapt to what is going on around you to be a successful player. If you are asked to be defensively sound and you continue to not be, what do you think will happen? Start with mastering the basics that the coaching staff wants. Let's take Mitch Marner for example. Why has he been successful so far? Babcock trusts him defensively enough that he has earned the ability to be able to create offense. He adapted to what the coach wanted. Fairly simple isn't it?
  3. Instead of Willie or Benning or whomever 'finding' said net presence, why doesn't a player step up and be that net presence? How hard is it for a player with a functioning brain to see that something is needed and fill that role for the team? I fail to understand the concept that we need to acquire player X to fill a void. There has got be someone within the ranks on this team/farm that can adapt to what the team's needs are. But nope, we have to draft some teenager and wait 4 years and hope they can fill some needed role and by the time he can, the team doesn't need that role anymore.
  4. I guess everyone wants to go back to Edler and Tanev pounding weak slappers into the defenders shin pads all PP long.
  5. Air Care never existed where he lives.
  6. I am actually OK with not playing our young players. I want to see a gradual transition. Perhaps midway through the season when this team is truly out of the running, then give them a chance. I know it's the old way of doing it but to me it's much better to toss young players into the lineup once there is no pressure to make the playoffs.
  7. I agree but the ironic thing is that our current lineup assures us lottery picks too.
  8. While unlikely, to say it's an absolute no isn't correct either. Stranger things have happened.
  9. It could be simply that the Preds outplayed the Ducks. Too much emphasis is put on what coaches do. The players have just as much skin in the game.
  10. It's growing on a tree somewhere. Be patient.
  11. Newsflash Alf, the Canucks are not mediocre in the least. They stink. They have bottomed out but like most athletes, they have pride and don't want to be the worst team.
  12. Sadly they have barely even used Abe all that well. He is a much bigger character in the comics. I am looking forward to 'clan' dynamics going forward. Clearly those horse riders that Morgan and Carol left with will have another settlement and they are or aren't under the thumb of the Saviours. So that leaves 4 groups of survivors (Alexandria, Saviours, Hilltop and horse riders). Should lead to some interesting dynamics. I am actually more excited than I thought. Hopefully AMC doesn't screw up something that could be really good.
  13. Except the Canucks are not a mediocre team. They are an awfully bad team.
  14. Just another victim of lazy scouting. The older generation of scouts is embarrassing. How many players who had good game were passed over because they were average height and build? While scouts of the world salivate over guys like Steve Bernier, the Troy Stechers of world get passed over yearly. Case in point, the comment above.^
  15. Everyone left is borderline insane though. It's really just survival of the fittest. Kill or be killed. I know that Morgan is trying to be that moral compass but that just evaporates once some group has more than you; you want what they have and vice versa. The show has already taught us that once you think you have the roots of re-civilization, it's ripped away from you on a whim.