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  1. With the way teams block shots and shooting lanes it's nearly impossible to get shots through 5-on-5 from the point unless it's a fluke. The better players can figure out how but even then, too many forwards willing to sacrifice their bodies to block shots.
  2. What made you change your mind compared to last year? D typically score on the PP. Canucks PP has been inept for what about 3 seasons now? The top 4 defencemen on the team (Edler, Guddy, Hutton and Tanev) aren't exactly offensive dynamos. Del Zotto has had some offensive prowess in the past but right now I'm sure his only concern is being solid defensively and getting a bit of a long term deal. Pouliot has never really delivered on his potential either. Pretty much leaves no one to score from the blue line.
  3. Chances are the carcass will get eaten by a multitude of scavengers. Personally I am indifferent about hunting for trophies. If I was against it I would direct my anger towards the governing body who permits the hunters to 'legally' be able to hunt big game. I don't blame the hunters for wanting to do something that is sanctioned despite the public dislike for it.
  4. Do you feel your age?

    Try having a kid if you want to feel older. I feel like my daughter has aged me at least 10 years in the past 1.5 years.

    Looks like you haven't been to a concert in 40 years.
  6. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    That article says he expects to be back in China. If they can't/won't pay the transfer fee, then it feels like a step back to me.
  7. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    They have to find a way to get Montero here permanently. If they can't, it reminds me of not being able to keep Camilo. You need top quality strikers to hang in this league (or any football league).
  8. He seems misused in Calgary. Had a great debut and was saddled with dreaded expectations and has fallen flat. Is he a center? Is he a winger? Looks to me like Gully and his staff are messing with him too much. Or maybe he's just not good enough.
  9. Considering it took Taylor Hall to get Adam Larsson, I can't imagine any team being able to pry a young defenceman away from ANA.
  10. If it took 6x6 to get Loui the Albatross, I shudder at the cost of EK on the open market.
  11. I dunno what is worse, the cost of signing him as a FA or what it would cost to trade for him. I think I have to pass on both counts.
  12. Since you are offering to 'help' them, I will take Fowler straight across and settle for nothing less.
  13. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames

    Oilers radio says the same thing. They were listing off teams that will 'come back to earth' and ofc Vegas and Vancouver were 1-2 on their list. Meanwhile, the Oilers continue to suck it with their horrendous bottom 6 that produces nothing game in game out. The beauty part for being a non-Oilers fan is how they talk about having nothing in reserve to bolster that bottom 6 that is anywhere close to contributing. They were singing the praises of Brad Malone yesterday who was going to bring some much needed energy. Sounds hard up to me. But they keep discounting the Canucks decent start.
  14. With the exception of Hutton and Horvat, the rest of that list from both teams is vomit-inducing.
  15. Have you changed your mind on this season? (Discussion)

    I think it's about what I expected but more wins than I thought. Regardless of how well the season has gone, I would prefer the rebuild on the fly stays at a slow steady pace. There is still plenty of organizational depth that needs to be acquired to sustain a consistent flow of prospects over the next few years and beyond.