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  1. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    That's my point. They should be able to rely on the DOPS but they can't.
  2. I don't think that Linden would throw anybody under the bus regardless. He's all class. He's had some time to decompress and relax. FA had a good interview on 650 last week and came out with some good lines. He said that he lets the managers manage and goes along with their plans. He also said that he has never blocked a trade and that some people say different things to try to explain how things happened. But that the assertion that he blocked trades is crap. This directly contradicts what Gillis said in his 1040 interview. Is 650 more Canucks friendly? Probably. They also get better access and are less biased against the team. Negativity clearly gets a stronger reaction from the fans. Very interested in this interview.
  3. [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    Beagle is definitely out and they don't know whether Pettersson will play. They need to be damn careful with EP. I think that Gaudette is the next choice. Granny could play centre. I think that one thing that keeps Granny in the line up is his versatility. Others, like Motte and Schaller, while they have played centre have no future in the middle. Better to give Gaudette a shot even if it is a little sooner than expected.
  4. [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    Calgary had the Abbotsford Heat for a while and I think it was tough going for them. Things have changed since the addition of AHL teams in California. Cali would be better but and even a BC team would be a better proposition today. The thing with Utica is that travel is so easy, there is a lot of time for practice which is invaluable. The obvious knock against Utica is the difficulty recalling players
  5. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Gadjovich could be that guy. 1LW may be a stretch for him though
  6. Who goes on Pettersson's line to protect him?

    Tom Sestito would come out of retirement to play on EP's wing
  7. [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    He did fly, so that's a good sign. Of course I really hope he does play. On the other hand, they really need to be careful with him. The boy is solid gold.
  8. [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    Gaudette has a future with the Canucks and Gagner does not. I think that sending him to play in TO with the Marlies has a dual purpose. 1. Respect for Gags 2. Not getting in the way of development for Canuck prospects in Utica. Don't look now but 2 centres were hurt last night. Beagle and Petterssen. Granny could very well draw in. I expect it.
  9. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Still, that may be a bitter pill for fans of this team to swallow given how much emphasis this team has placed on things like grit and toughness, often at the expense of other more important elements of the game. The rationale behind so many of the decisions made over the past year, from the free agency signings to the Gudbranson extension, was that Elias Pettersson needed to be surrounded by players who could insulate him, protect him, and teach him how to be an NHLer. So far, over his brief career, he’s already proven he has much more to teach most of this roster about being a pro than they have to teach him. For all the talk of needing insulation, he’s been the team’s most consistent player, most dedicated backchecker, and among their best forwards defensively. The only thing he hasn’t been is immune to the type of unfortunate (or malicious, depending on who you ask) play we saw last night; and astonishingly, icing a couple of players who are ostensibly willing to get their hands dirty did nothing to prevent. Some people are going to take away the wrong lesson from what happened. They’ll say the team is too soft, that it needs to get tougher. The truth is, the team has spent far too much time and money chasing players who could dish out hits and throw hands, all in service of finishing with the league’s worst record over the past three seasons. What the lesson should be is that any attempt to protect your star players from injury outside of increased investment in the sports science department is futile. The argument in favour of icing an enforcer is an inherently reactionary one. Your designated knuckle-chucker fights an opposing player after a questionable hit so he’ll think twice before doing so next time; but the hit has already occurred, there’s no preventing it. Sometimes your best players are going to get hurt. Sometimes they’ll even get hurt because of a dirty play. There’s no avoiding that reality. What you can do is invest in players who are capable of stepping into an offensive role in the absence of that player. The Canucks have made no such investments. Instead, they’ve invested in players who were supposed to keep this from happening, or at the very least answer the bell when it did. Those players failed to deliver. That would be fine if the organization had decided it was above those type of extracurricular activities, but their actions have indicated for years now that that isn’t the case. So that leaves just one question: If the so-called “tough” players on this roster aren’t being paid to prevent this from happening, and aren’t being paid to respond when it does, what are they being paid to do? There's a lot of truth here. But the Canucks Army has a fundamental misunderstanding of what it takes to rebuild a hockey team. You can't just snap your fingers and have good offensive players in your line up. It just doesn't happen like that. Particularly when you have few assets to trade. Having said that, this is about Pettersson. It is not the place to take shots at Benning who is frankly doing a good job given the circumstances. This matter is going to be left up to the league. This is the way it should be. Players on the ice shouldn't feel as though they need to exact revenge on dirty plays. Player Safety should take care of that. Unfortunately, they fail much of the time. With the Wilson 20 game suspension, I think that very slowly, discipline is getting better. When players decide to send a message it often back fires as we saw when Hamonic was injured by Gudbranson. And sometimes it goes horribly wrong as we saw in the Moore-Bertuzzi incident. So what I have said should happen in an ideal world. It is not an ideal world but a message needs to be sent about this even if it is only a fine. I can't imagine what the ref was thinking when this incident happened and why at least a roughing penalty wasn't called. I think this gets into the practice of game management that goes on and he did not want to call a penalty on the home team who was down a goal mid way through the 3rd period because doing so might influence the outcome of the game. The Canucks missing their best player notwithstanding. I only hope that the lack of a penalty being called on the play doesn't influence the decision of Player Safety.
  10. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    The league always punishes the result, not the deed. Having said that, a 1st infraction probably means less than 3 games. Matheson needs a message sent. Whatever the result, I expect to remain angry over this.
  11. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    Agree. The hit was away from the play. Somebody must have seen it but it's conceivable that the team didn't get a really good look at what happened until after the fact. The coaches are able to see replay on the bench obviously but did they show the players? I really hope the league gets this right because it leads to vigilante justice and that can get ugly
  12. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

  13. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    I don't believe coaches ever tell their players to seek revenge any more. It's a liability issue. We know that Marc Crawford will never be a head coach again. I'm surprised he got an assistants job frankly. He put the Canucks in the $&!# over the Bertuzzi incident. Now it's coming out that there will be a phone hearing. It's a first offense and I guess up to 3 games is appropriate. The league needs to take action before the players do. Calendars are marked for the return engagement already. Jan 13, 2019
  14. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    I hope the league benefits from Pettersson. Look, they have never looked after individual players. They don't like stars. They don't promote individuals. The NHL is all about the logo on the front of the jersey and not about the name on the back. Players are grist for the mill and far as the few owners who run the league are concerned. The majority of the owners, and Aquilini is one, just have to suck it up and go along with the old boys bully club that is the NHL.
  15. Either way, throwing a player down on the ice is not acceptable