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  1. Downward pressure on salaries in the goalie market (high supply). Reconcile that with the knowledge that Marky finished 4th in Vezina voting. What now for JM?
  2. $12M out $0 in. I like the way you're thinking. Good luck with that.
  3. Don't worry about Benning. He is much more with it than he is given credit. I see no reason to believe that Benning doesn't understand that once the cup is awarded that there will be $&!# storm of activity. He will be ready. He would be a fool not to be. It's going to be a hell of a couple of weeks. Buckle up.
  4. The boys are tight. I'm sure Petey is planning a trip to see Mum and Dad
  5. You know, the whole crew are bud's. Maybe Benji could work that angle the way that what's his name, Gillies used to do...... /s
  6. I could see Baer traded to a place like Detroit or Ottawa maybe with some salary retained. Burying Loui is the best option failing a trade which is a long shot. A buyout for Sutter I think is possible. You're right. It's about Pettersson and Hughes. This is why I don't see signing the likes of Petrangelo or buying out more than 1 player. Sutter would have a hit of only 1.16 in year 2 so the impact in year 2 is little more than an entry level player. Further to the OP, Benn could be easily moved. I like Fanta better and he could be re-signed for half the price. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Virtanen walk. At 24 he is what he is. Inconsistent, occasionally great, mostly middling. Zack Kassian 2.0.
  7. Cred to the OP for opening the buyout conversation. I agree with @oldnews that the buyout is down the list for options. Remember that burying a player in the minors saves $1.025 off the cap so unless you're saving that, it's a non-starter. Who then is a candidate? Present Buyout cap hit.......................................... Cap Yr 1 2 3 4 5 6 Baertschi (1) 3.36 1.76 800 Beagle (2) 3.0 1.36 2.36 566 566 Benn (1) 2.0 933 533 Eriksson (2) 6.0 5.66 3.66 666 666 Ferland (3) 3.5 1.55 805 1.8 1.05 1.05 1.05 Pearson (1) 3.75 1.18 1.28 Roussel (2) 3.0 1.23 1.83 733 733 Sutter (1) 4.375 2.04 1.16 I think that Pearson is the best candidate at a savings of 2.595 in year 1 but he is marketable and they would like to keep him The next best and most likely would be Sutter at a savings of 2.335
  8. Ya, probably. They're going to lose somebody. And that somebody is going to have to be attractive as a pick up but also somebody the Canucks can do without. Lind will be on his ELC and not eligible so he's not a worry but if you have Jake, Leivo, Gaudette and Motte exposed, who would Seattle take? I think it would be Jake.
  9. Another thought would be to expose Jake in expansion. All those tools could be tempting no?
  10. The point seems to be lost on you. A person who had symptoms and was tested for covid carries on as per normal and exposes many people before they got the results. This is an unspeakably thoughtless act. When people socialize during covid, they trust that the people they are with are healthy to their knowledge. It makes people very angry. I'm sure Mr Blunt wouldn't really thrash this person, what he said is a figure of speech.
  11. The person in question was a girl. Still is I suppose.
  12. I see you've edited your post. Was your first one more offensive?