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  1. ^^^ This Benning is clearly waiting for the CBA which will bring cap certainty. The prudent path from there is to shore up the contracts for the must have players. Who are the must have's? In no particular order: UFA's: Markstrom, Tanev, and Toffoli...... Not must haves but the next priority has to be, RFA's: Gaudette, Virtanen Keep in mind that if the cap is flat over the next couple of seasons as is predicted, trading away problem salaries is going to be very difficult. For players who are not on expiring contracts, buying out players who may be the only option. Sutter, Baertschi, Benn......hell, I'd even buy out Pearson if I had to decide between him and Toffoli Players who are on expiring contracts who have a significant cap hit and are expendable may end up walking. Stecher is the most conspicuous of these players. For the same reason, free agents may be signing for less and for shorter term than usual. Once the above is decided, then perhaps Tryamkin gets consideration. Benning had better have have a plan of action mapped out already if he wants Tryamkin assuming he has a deadline of July 15 to either sign in the NHL or go back to the KHL. Now, I'm not a fan of JD Burke but he was on 1040 this morning with John Abbott and Rick Dahliwal (only reason why I tuned in to be honest). Burke considers Tryamkin to be seriously over rated. He grants the physical gifts but does caution that at 25, he is a mature player who will not develop much. He recalls that Tryamkin handled the puck like a hand grenade and was an icing machine. Burke definitely leans towards hyperbole but I have to agree that although he exaggerates, the traits were there 3 years ago and it's going to take a leap of faith to cut more than a 1 year contract. He pegs Tryamkin as a 7-8 defenseman but I think is he is signed, he will play on the bottom pair and will be told that it's a start.
  2. I agree, Sutter could be moved after this season is done. Last year of his contract I expect the border to be closed until the new year. So we're looking at a shortened season. If the Canucks retain salary (up to 50%) So with salary retained on a short commitment, the Canucks could easily save a little over $2M of salary cap
  3. Is his wife from there or something? Why on earth would somebody be in Texas now?
  4. $3,000,000.......Happy Canada Day Loui
  5. I heard on the radio that Toronto and Edmonton are now ahead of Vegas due to surging numbers in Nevada The other thing was that decisions aren't likely until talks with the PA are settled.
  6. Here's the history of the convention of colours at home and white away. It has changed back and forth a couple of times since it was standardized in 1950. With the advent of TV, home teams wore coloured jerseys and away teams wore white. In 1970, they switched. And in 2003, they switched back again.
  7. I would rather see no lottery at all. Let the teams pick in the order that they finished in the standings. If a team tanks to finish last, so be it. It damages a teams culture to purposefully play poorly so it's a foolish strategy.
  8. It has been said that OJ is 100% healthy and fit which is something that couldn't be said for years. It was also said that he has a good attitude wrt fitness and preparation. In his D+1 year, I think he figured he was a shoe in and didn't prepare properly so that year was underwhelming. This happens to some high draft picks. Character issue? Maybe....same happened to Virtanen the year he was sent down to Utica to work with Green. KIds have to reconcile expectations with reality. And then came the injuries. No excuses any more
  9. Weird, when I saw Pledge, I thought furniture polish.
  10. It's a good idea but if they let Tanev move on, they definitely had better have a top 4 RHD in place to replace Tanev and that ain't Russell. Why not re-sign Fantenberg at $1M to slot in as a 3rd pair D rather than $4M with Russell. Honestly, $4.35 is a lot for Sutter but he is a useful player. Edmonton jumps at this opportunity imo and it burns to help a rival especially Edmonton. And Russell for Tanev makes our D weaker (Stech and Myers would be playing higher than they should). I still think they sign Markstrom, Tanev and Toffoli in that order ahead of anybody else down the line up and fit the others in if they can. Benn and Stecher may very well be moving along this offseason. I like Stech; he's bottom pair who can play up the line up. This puts him ahead of Hutton imo even though cap wise, he is in a very similar position as Hutton was last year. How about a D-corps that looks like this? As opposed to: (I assume this is what the OP's D corps looks like) Hughes (0.9) Tanev (5.0) Hughes (0.9) Myers (6.0) Edler (6.0) Myers (6.0) Edler (6.0) Stecher (3.0) Fantenberg (1.0) Tryamkin (2.0) Benn (2.0) Russell (4.0) total 20.9 total 21.9
  11. I bet you know how to do it. You're just not factoring in all of your payables.
  12. We studied that in grade 12 English class. Sept 1979
  13. What I heard was no wives or families inside the bubble at least for the play in round and the first couple of rounds. That eliminates 20 teams families from quarantine. It could be manageable if it's only 4 teams. Not all players then will be away from their families for 2 1/2 months. The maximum would be 6 or 7 weeks and that's only for 8 teams