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  1. I don't know why people persist in calling him Tree. Calling someone a tree in Russia is an insult.
  2. Sorry aGent. Had I known there was endless discussion on the matter, I wouldn't have chimed in. I just think that Marky's new contract has nothing to do with who they decide will be the starting goalie after expansion. The question is, who will they protect? That decision will tell us who is the long term starter and obviously one of them will be moving on. Nobody is waiting 3 years. Only 1.
  3. Signing Marky does not necessarily put an end to the competition between him and Demko. Benning doesn't have to decide who he's going to protect in the expansion draft until 2021. It is not a sure thing that they'll lose a goalie either.
  4. Whats the deal with Boeser? He doesn't appear to be scoring the way that he used to. I took a shallow dive on his stats and there is a pattern. I couldn't make conclusions. 2016-17 16.0 s% 2017-18 29 goals in 62 games 0.47 gpg 16.2 s% 0.89 ppg 2018-19 26 goals in 69 games 0.38 gpg 12.4 s% 0.81 ppg 2019-20 16 goals in 49 games 0.33 gpg 10.5 s% 0.88 ppg Thoughts?
  5. Because Virtanen is hot and Eriksson has found chemistry on the Horvat line which is producing well for the time being. Boeser is with Gaudette to spread out the offense. It is really only temporary imo. Not worried
  6. What a lot of you are missing (not you Ossi) is that Sutter just came back and Schaller is sitting. Sutts has given the 4th line a shot in the arm. I think the real question here is what the depth chart actually looks like. Clearly they're liking Gaudette and want to keep him in so, Gaudette > Schaller and Sutter > Schaller Who's better Beagle or Sutter? I think that Beagle is a better 4C but Sutter is more versatile and can play up the line up. I don't see Beagle playing up the line up. Where does Eriksson sit? I think his contribution is hard to put your finger on but somehow Pearson, Horvat, Eriksson together are producing better than any other combination for the Horvat line that we have seen this season. Is this permanent? Who knows? In the mean time I think it's a mistake to break up a winning combination. Would anybody be surprised if Ferland has played his last game? I don't know where he slides in, if he slides in when healthy. The way Virtanen is playing, I think he has definitely reached a top 6 level. I would place him ahead of Leivo now. Boeser? He's top 6 too and I think that the only reason why he is on the 3rd line now is because of the new chemistry on the Horvat line. This is getting complicated and decisions will be made when Ferland and Leivo are healthy. There is a question whether Eriksson will remain as effective when that time comes. For that matter, will Virtanen? Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Virtanen Roussel Gaudette Leivo Sutter Beagle Motte Ferland Eriksson Schaller
  7. Harry is 5th in line for the Crown. There is practically no chance that he will be King. That is how he could contemplate marrying an American and stepping back from official duties. To suggest King of Canada is misunderstanding the role as it is and what it would take to make the change. The Queen is the head of Government but she takes no role in governing Canada. Governing is left up to elected people in Canada. I'm not particularly pro-Royal but I have no problem with the way things stand
  8. It's game management. They just want the game to end without incident
  9. Yep. Nice win v Arizona and carried it over
  10. Keep playing them defensively tough boys