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  1. ya, 5 @ 4.5 so getting Zaitsev should not be taken lightly. I'm just saying that as a right shot D, he's a better fit than Ghost. I'm not saying that I necessarily want him
  2. If Benning has to rely on Schenn then he has failed to find a suitable top 4 RHD. He may re-sign but if things go according to plan, Shenn will be back in Utica imo
  3. And not Gostisbehere.......another LHD who crapped the bed last year by following a 65 point season with 37 and went from +10 to -20. He's got 4 more years at $4.5. So you sign this guy who may not do any better than Hughes? Is he the answer to the Canucks problems? No. The need a RHD. Even Zaitzev is a better fit and I'm leery about that move
  4. Which is why Benning is looking for a top 6 winger and a top 4 D (right handed obviously). These pieces are to support the present core and aren't in the system right now. And why add free agents or trade for ready players? Because the window for success is coming at us very soon
  5. Yes, you're the conservative type. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. But seriously, Hughes is the most talented D to come along for the Canucks since when? Ohlund? Talon. We've all seen it. The kid is 19 until October. He has a ways to go but the talent is undeniable. The kid is a breakout machine If you look at my post, I said that the D will be better if with Edler back and Hughes on the roster. Not dumb at all. It's much better than last years roster. That's what I said. You don't want Pouliot back do you? Do they need more? Of course.
  6. I think you're overrating Ghost. He has had success offensively but not so much defensively. There's a reason why he's on the market
  7. Look, the Canucks are going to make a leap forward next season on D because of Q Hughes. Benning needs to do nothing but sign Edler and he has a better D. Of course he has to do more but why on earth would the Ghost be an answer to anything? Hughes will do much more. Pass.
  8. There is so much talk about Loui but any move would be a miracle frankly. Look at it this way, why on earth would somebody trade for him? The only reason that I can see is that a team may be shifting an even worse player. Lucic? Puhleeze. Sweeten the deal with Puljujarvi and the Oilers have lost the deal big time. It isn't happening. A 2nd? Maybe. I think that either party swallows their medicine. No deal.
  9. This is not news. Benning has already said several times that he wants to add top 6 forwards or top 4 D. Should we be surprised that he's actually making calls. Benning doesn't know how to fib
  10. I like the Alouette's logo. It's got the M for Monteal and it looks like a bird. Alouette is a lark and the song is about the bird so it all fits. The new stick in rink looks more like a C than the old logo.
  11. For me this shot puts it in better perspective. The jersey's are all fine. I don't care for the striping on the alternate but the rest is ok and I'm glad it doesn't say Vancouver any more