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  1. Canuck PTO's this year ?

    PTO's don't necessarily sign with the team they try out for. For the player, it's a way to raise their profile and show all the GM's that they can play. For the team, they increase competition in camp at little cost and who knows, maybe they find a gem. This year, the Canucks have plenty of competition at camp from players who are already in the system. I don't see much need for PTO's any more.
  2. I think that one of the problems that Green had with Hutton was his skating. Specifically, his edgework. I really don't know the answer as to why. As a rookie, I believe he was around 187 lbs and he put up 1-24-25 -21 and they raved about him. Then he was signed to his 3 @ 2.8M contract. In the off season he put on 20 lbs and his offense slid to 5-14-19 -22. Then there was the coaching change and his numbers took another step back 0-6-6 -9 but his +/- was better and he was a healthy scratch several times. Is it the coach? Is the system more demanding physically? I think that it's hard to improve your fitness level during the season because you have to rest for games, recover then play some more and practice. During the season, they play 3-4 times a week. Dramatic weight gain can cause problems with players ability to get around the rink. We saw the same issue with Virtanen. I don't remember hearing much about it during Hutton's 2nd year. Below is the scouting report from Elite Prospects from 2015. When I just read it I was this Ben Hutton? Doesn't sound like the guy I was watching last year.... An offensive two-way defenceman who oozes both tenacity and instinct-driven talent. Excellent four-way skating ability and can pivot on a hairline. Very unselfish player who realizes where the puck should be and whose stick it should be on in all situations; that being said, he is not afraid to carry it himself. Strong understanding of the game exhibited through his ability to play in all situations and keep the puck moving either up-ice or to teammates with more time and space. Displays very good decision making with the puck on his stick and has the creativity to facilitate dangerous scoring opportunities. Is not phased by the physical side of the game and allows the pace of play to direct his compete level. All-in-all, a highly-skilled two-way defenceman who is adept at playing multiple roles in a game due to his natural aptitude for both the offensive and defensive side of hockey. (Curtis Joe, EP 2015)
  3. Rumour is (The Hockey Guy) that Hutton had been shopped for some time and Benning couldn't get a reasonable price. I really hope he can find his form.
  4. Wasn't Bouchard and Dobson regarded as close to NHL ready? Dobson has been signed already
  5. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    I think that the narrative has been that since Beagle had 80% d-zone starts last year, Sutter couldn't help but have fewer. We don't know how Green is going to deploy the centres or even what their names are. Ok we know 3 of them. What I do know is that we now have 2 defensive specialists. Sutter and Beagle. I don't see why this would change. I suspect that neither will have the same d-zone starts as last year because the role will be shared. Horvat will surely benefit and perhaps the 4th centre as well (who ever that will be) Ice Time Face Offs D-zone Starts Horvat 19:21 53.8% 51.53% Sedin 15:33 46.5% 26% Sutter 17:19 51.7% 77.4% Beagle 12:27 58.5% 80.1%
  6. LHD.....I'm talking Hutton, MDZ, Pouliot
  7. Canucks have some extra LHD..................JImbo? Call your ol buddy Petey
  8. (Discussion) Acquiring Dante Fabbro

    Fabbro is entering his Junior year at Boston University and according to Eliteprospects will be the team captain. He has 2 full seasons before he can sign or declare free agency. A cursory search reveals nothing. Anything to this?
  9. World Junior Summer Showdown

    I totally agree that you can't gift players spots. Is that why Hughes went back to Michigan? It is true that he wanted to go to the NHL asap but I think that he considered long and hard and decided that another year of college would serve him well both physically and mentally. This much is true. In interviews, Hughes said that he would rather be a difference maker than merely surviving in the league. He also feels a loyalty to his college team mates and thinks that they have a very real chance at a National championship. This loyalty does him credit. The reality of the genesis of the new Canucks team is that next season could very well be the worst of the rebuild. At the very least, it will not be easy. All things considered, I think that Quinn Hughes made the right decision.
  10. The 7 years I was there, the cat set off the motion detector twice. Once we learned how to manage the "cat" burglar, the alarms stopped
  11. Things you don't need..... When I bought my house, it was equipped with an alarm system, motion detectors etc. I wondered aloud to the real estate agent and he said that the guy had a top end computer system. I thought, ya, this system, and the stickers on the windows kind of advertises that there is something worth stealing in the house.....ironic
  12. Brendan Gaunce | #50 | C/LW

    I said this of Gaunce LAST year. We can see how easy it was for Benning to bolster the bottom 6. If you're going to be a bottom 6 player, you have to do as well as other bottom 6 players in all aspects and be better than most at one thing. Schaller put up 12 goals last year, Gaunce put up 4 (and that's a number that surprises me). You're a great kid Brendan but welcome back to Utica.
  13. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    Jeez King. Not like you to go against the facts. JB tends to go for BPA but after the 1st round, he's more liberal Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2014 RW C G D D C D 2015 RW D C D C RW D 2016 D RW D LW C C/LW 2017 C RW & LW G D D LW/RW D 2018 D D C D F G 34 picks, 22 centres or defense 65%, after 1st round, 19 of 29, 66% there's a couple of pretty good goalies projecting there too So for blue chipper's I think we're actually lacking at LW W could use at least 3 bona fide top 4 D and maybe we're lacking 1 projecting but there's Woo and Briesbois and Chatfield in the system. Not to mention NT deep in the weeds. It's going to take some time to see how players develop but I would go easy on the chewing of finger nails for now
  14. I don't visit the US a lot. Live near Vancouver. I know that there are differences between Americans and Canadians but I never would have put personal safety up the list.