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  1. They could be overage, or foreign. You're only allowed three overage and two foreigners in your line up.
  2. Looks like Rodin has been recalled to the SEL.
  3. Not anymore. Someone ran into a problem with their Mac version of the game and the the guys that still occasionally work on the game for SI couldn't fix it. To make sure people didn't buy the game and find it unplayable, they just pulled that version. Sorry.
  4. I was saying last year that it was still too early to give up on White. I saw him as a potential 3rd line centre or, if he was very lucky and determined, a second line player. He was playing with plugs last year, and I think he may have moved up on the depth chart. That said, I would still take Ehrhoff over him in a heartbeat.
  5. We already know he can do it in that league. Just having a slow start by the looks of things.
  6. ^What did you ever do to deserve that fate?!?! I usually sim day by day. I like to keep an eye on my coach.
  7. Rey, you weren't actually paying to watch the Gophers last year were you? Unless you're from Port Coquitlam, but living over there? I'm not bothered about the start he's having. He's obviously very talented, and is a more of a playmaker than anything else. If the other guys on the line aren't up to scratch, he is going to find it difficult. Might mean he has to use that shot of his more, which is probably a good thing.
  8. I'll go ask H.G. Wells.
  9. I've stopped playing until the next roster update is out.
  10. More because I was hoping they'd think "Hey, maybe we could make a EHM 2011 since lots of Canadians are talking about this game now" Oh well. Oh, and I was talking to M.Lucic about the update, but you'd be smart to do it too. Can't remember what the problems were but there were a lot of them when EHM 2007 came out.
  11. btw If you have downloaded an illegal copy, I wouldn't mention it here. This is hardly the best place to talk about illegal stuff. Especially since I JUST wrote that I was going to talk to one of the developers about how sales are doing since lots of people on cdc are talking about it, and there are a few buying it for the first time. EDIT: excuse the double post, thought I'd pressed edit before I started writing.
  12. You'll need to update the game to 1.4 or whatever it's called. Read this: http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2525 Then download this: http://cid-a0fa740e0329c5c5.skydrive.live..../LidasDB1.3.rar There will probably be a new roster update when the new season starts.
  13. http://www.eastsidehockeymanager.net/downl...load&id=370 Not sure what it costs now, but probably about $40. Lots of people seem to be buying it lately on here. Might go on Sports Interactive's forum to ask Graeme if this is usual.
  14. I think you might have missed a few words out. I'm not trying to look clever or anything, I just don't understand what that first sentence was supposed to mean. Trolls that tell everyone to "Buy the game" but haven't played the game need to back off?