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  1. Looks like Rodin has been recalled to the SEL.
  2. I was saying last year that it was still too early to give up on White. I saw him as a potential 3rd line centre or, if he was very lucky and determined, a second line player. He was playing with plugs last year, and I think he may have moved up on the depth chart. That said, I would still take Ehrhoff over him in a heartbeat.
  3. We already know he can do it in that league. Just having a slow start by the looks of things.
  4. Rey, you weren't actually paying to watch the Gophers last year were you? Unless you're from Port Coquitlam, but living over there? I'm not bothered about the start he's having. He's obviously very talented, and is a more of a playmaker than anything else. If the other guys on the line aren't up to scratch, he is going to find it difficult. Might mean he has to use that shot of his more, which is probably a good thing.
  5. I'll go ask H.G. Wells.
  6. As much as I don't want to be drawn into a stupid argument on a thread that's supposed to be about Rodin: I used to love when our offence was set up with Bertuzzi planting that massive arse in front of the goalies face and Naslund had the puck on his stick and was drifting around the sideboards. Always felt like a goal was coming.
  7. When someone says "This prospect reminds me of this former or current NHLer", that doesn't mean that they will be a complete clone of them. I don't understand why people go on about character issues when making comparisons that were originally about skill. Rodin isn't Naslund. Shirokov isn't Samsonov. Schroeder isn't Fleury or Kariya. Hodgson isn't going to be Linden either (though that one is the opposite in that it's about character rather than skill). I guess it's a starting place for a good argument if you've got nothing better to do.
  8. thanks for the profile view. :)

  9. Are you playing invisible darts?