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  1. lol I am I read it too quick if you score a short handed goal you get a plus and minus if you are on the pp
  2. are you sure ? because according to the nhl they do
  3. 3 out of 4 kill penalty's jake doesn't lol gaudette is a first year center who battled his way on the team jakes has been in the league for 5 years
  4. I said he has the tools to be a great player , not arguing that , jakes problem is between the ears , he rather be a kid than train,, great bunch of stats but explain why isn't he playing then? jake sitting with those stats says volumes about his offseason training or not taking being a pro seriously. petey , bo hughes gaudette motte roussell rarely take a shift off .
  5. Jake needs to learn to stop taking shifts off , he needs to , be more of a pro than a bro , I agree with you jake has all the tools but his toolbox needs some work,
  6. umm Travis green has done nothing but been fair with Jake , he has spent more time with Jake than any other player on the roster , Green worked with Jake for 2 years in Utica and now in the nhl , I wish jake would just figure it out but in 5 years of being a Pro , he still doesn't get it and that isn't on Green that is on Jake. Do you see Gaudette having problems like Jake ? no so I guess it isn't the coach then unless you wanna rehash loui's comments last summer
  7. I think lind juolevi ep gaudette and big mac don't have to be protected
  8. why would Detroit want to trade Bertuzzi for ? they could simply sign a free agent goalie ie lehner . marky etc and keep Bertuzzi . plus big Zack is our "bertuzzi" and he is going to do some damage this play in/ playoffs
  9. that your problem right there you never forced anything on her and by force I mean take the lead and do something about it . like be a man and take charge . don't like her glasses buy some new ones for her , if too much money go buy her some panties ,or buy some make up (sales gals are very helpful ) like go make a effort you know sometimes you have give a lil more to get what you want that is a 2 way street , your just going around in circles by not doing anything
  10. well first thing you, say see looks decent without glasses and is cute , then you wonder why she doesn't put in any effort in , women can pick up on that vibe buddy you need to say she is beautiful not cute , take her out to get her nails done and hair done , take her shopping , take her to a spa , she wants to lose weight go for a walk with her , go to the gym together , go for a bike ride. Maybe she is dropping hints she wants your support to do these things with you , but then again you said you have done your part , what did you do? just tell her to change her looks ,because that not gonna help her confidence . be supportive and do something nice for her ,,