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  1. gretzsky messier borque coffey bure Lindros lemiux yzmerman rookie cards and a few others , I sold them at the height of the hockey card prices now you be lucky to get 700 bucks for them
  2. lol exactly and comic books and toys , tho I did find a box with some cards in it when I moved out a frigging goldmine lol I sold 20 cards for 3500 , 79 ,80 era cards
  3. lol didn't you hear we are making playoffs so we prolly need tanev broken or not but if we trade him better be getting a first for him
  4. well my 2 cents are I like miller size and grit but the trade giving up a first protected or not , that I have a hard time with , first round picks are like gold we better hope podi , trymakin and a few others are ready for 2021
  5. lol how is don't sign Tavares then there wouldn't be a problem right ? iwhat you want me to do one of your video games trades for you ? trade Austin Mathews to Arizona for a 2nd round pick there ya go you happy now that about as realistic as your proposals
  6. fix Torontos problem ? what did not read my post I listed torontos players that may get traded what dubas does I could really care less ,he got himself in cap hell he shouldn't of sign john Tavares to a 11 million dollar contract , lol not your way that's life .you cant always get what you want
  7. yep snowball chance in hell toronto is gonna trade kappen and marleau for a 5 th yep literally that isn't gonna happen yep Toronto is in deep crap yep they may have to trade mariner , flamingo (nylander) kadri kappen get rid of marleau , I really don't care about Toronto , im glad they are in this big problem but one thing I know they are not gonna give up all that for 5 th , so you happy now you lost your bet and I just say no to video game type of proposal
  8. yep keep the draft pick, draft the players , send ericcsson to the minors or just move him and not for luicic don't spend big money on ufa ( learn for torontos mistakes ) wait for the cap numbers to come out then pounce on players like the islanders did when they got leddy and boychuk for almost nothing or erhoff for white ps then stop trying to trade Horvat and boesser then those are the core jb isn't trading them he has said it a million times ,
  9. nothing is free , so it doesn't even happen and then it doesn't help us the end
  10. lol ok first of all marleau and kapanen for a 5 th rd pick are you high lol 2 no to lucic 3 no to trading Horvat rangers aren't gonna do that any ways 4 risto for tanev or juolevi , be alright for a one for one deal 5 , just no to tyler myers just no 6 offer sheets don't work one hasn't work in 13 years penner was the last one that worked
  11. pavel looked alright skating with putin, im sure the nhl has a job for Callahan in the department of player safety just like pronger