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  1. no team has resigned any big name roster players , the only players that were" signed" haven't got their contract approved by the nhl yet . You cant expect jim benning to come out and make a definite plan. First of all the season hasn't even been completed yet , Second your guessing , sure you can guess all you want but with out the actually facts of the cap going forward , it is a guess . You really think a GM wants to come out and just guess in front of the media ? I am sure benning has a plan but till the season/ playoffs is completed you can just keep on guessing till the nhl comes out with a definite plan in place
  2. ya ok benning is in a fog right now and vague about the cap , so are the other 30 teams and the nhl right now, , what other gm has gone out and told their plan going forward during covid ?, not one , hell they don't even know how the playoffs are going to work or the draft , The NHL will have to figure out the cap going forward first , maybe there will be a buyout or 2 available , till that is decided , your gonna have to deal with the lip service
  3. yep like is there smoking between periods ? with beers ? 1974 rules and refs? is Bobby Clarke allowed 2 handed slashes breaking ankles with no suspension?
  4. lol @ getzlaf and his 8.25 mill , you realize we need to pay petey and hughes right ? we need to get rid of assets like loui , baer and 1 of sutter or beagle , not gaud and boesser ,
  5. no wonder goalies were puking before a game back in the day
  6. so bertuzzi was a checking guy according to tsn lol
  7. what about track suits? part sweats, part suit lol
  8. it isn't the sweat pants its the crocs with the sweat pants , if you wore some running shoes with sweat pants , them you look like you worked out , unless you have cheezzie stains on your sweat pants
  9. has to be the great one hands down , messier second
  10. ya ok a 12 foot circle of social distancing per person at an arena , , you would be lucky to get a 1,000 fans in rogers , you need say 3 rows ahead of you 3 rows back of you at least 3 seats on either side of you plus your seat 1 fan taking up a 100 seats of space so 1 guy can watch a game live , and add the cost of staff , police etc sorry not going to happen
  11. there will be a lot of players for Detroit to choose from with the cap not going up , they aren't going to waste money on loui ,
  12. voted McCarthy nominate sandlak
  13. will fighting be allowed , or getting in the face of an official or will you have to be six feet away . what will happen if a player spits or coughs at a player ? 14 day suspensions in isolation ? is penalty box going have to be bigger too ? , are they going to have a a bubble over the rink ?
  14. voted Mc Carthy nominate sandlak
  15. voted mc carthy nominate rick blight