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  1. step 1 , get lead pipe step2 find loui step3 loui has to retire due to 2 sore knee caps that what we need to do first ,before anything else
  2. 10 million only gets you a crappy penthouse in yaletown
  3. well that didn't take long for a coach to get fired already a day after the announcement
  4. im going with tim schaller , did anyone think he was going to make the team out of camp ? especially after being scratched how many times last season , did any one see him playing this many games already ? I know I certainly didn't think he was going to make the team and play this many games this season , so yep he overachieved just getting this far into the season
  5. yang for prime minster , every one needs an extra g note a month , hello new truck lol
  6. yep pretty much like the nhl hiring chris pronger for department of player safety , hire the dirtiest player in the game to run DOPS , so in NHL logic Crawford or Bill peters will be heading up this new department . yep basically coaches are going to have be very careful now , no more one on one talks , hell I believe everything is going to have be video/audio documented now the way this is all unfolding , now I know why the canucks are being so nice to loui now , it all makes sense , they don't want loui running to the NHL , lol
  7. what about the players slagging the coaches in ride shares? is that included in the program ?
  8. I am sure, the nhl will run it just like " the department of player safety "
  9. I haven't change my tune at all I have been saying the whole time management isn't shelling out a million extra dollars on a waiver pick up .
  10. lol again I am not confusing anything you want bowey ok add his million dollar cap minus loui cap hit being sent down yes you save 75,000 in cap money great see I get it yes we are under cap great wonderful but in real money we are talking what aquaman is paying in actual dollars this is the reason why it wont happen ownership is not I repeat not gonna to spend 1 million dollars on a waiver wire pick up , we already have our 7th d man we have depth on the farm . we get it you love Madison bowey the guy that lost his job to biega ps if you don't like it too bad don't reply back then ill post whatever I want
  11. ok chump just because you think you know it all doesn't mean jack crap to me so don't tell me what I can and cannot post . I understand the cap enough to know what I am talking about , so if you don't like it too bad chump ps your the one attacking me so who is bent out of shape
  12. I want loui out of here too but picking up someone off waivers and throwing another million on top of loui,s salary it doesn't solve anything , your still stuck with loui for 3 years regardless until he retires or goes on ltir, ,I rather send loui down to keep motte or schaller on the roster at this point ps remember biega took boweys job in Detroit