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  1. tom sesito lol but really it would have to be trymakin
  2. I should also add look at the goon division we play in ana edm cal la and so on we need team toughness just to get out the pacific division
  3. well you definitely need team toughness in the playoffs, you need fast ,big strong players to fore check and be hard on puck , they also create space for your skilled guys so with out team toughness we are in deep trouble
  4. I thought naked kesler was the last heart throb lol
  5. since team 1040 lost the canucks radio broadcast rights what do you expect from bill watters and company lol
  6. being a canuck fan just kidding definitely 1994 game 7 and getting messier were the depressing . naslund we choke speech and 2011 well that just pissed me off
  7. that like messier coming to captain our team all over again
  8. what did we learn? first of all we play in the west not the east so we have to compete with ana la chi sj Calgary stl and so on. so we have to build a team to compete in the west not east there is 3 rounds of playing in the western playoffs, we also need that no 1 d that all Stanley cup winners have and those don't grow on trees
  9. lets hope he isn't like Fabian brunstrum
  10. breakout! for the Atari 2600 smuggled in from Bellingham lol
  11. hunter could be our Brendan Gallagher type player , hunter has grit and skill , hard on the puck and man ,team first attitude ,with a bit of swagger thrown in ,but he needs seasoning in the ahl . if he lights it up in the ahl im sure gmjb will make room for hunter or anyone else that lights it up
  12. ummm what about alex grenier 6 foot 5 scored over 20 goals in Utica how come he isn't even mentioned lol
  13. if you see miller take a run at him then he will definitely wont sign here , no to miller that just foolish to sign him we should of kept loungo lol
  14. I have a messier jersey the dark blue one lol my dad got it for me senile old man ugh have a loungo jersey home 3rd jersey , had a lumme jersey that got stolen bastards
  15. ya sign him to a khl contract