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  1. what did we learn? first of all we play in the west not the east so we have to compete with ana la chi sj Calgary stl and so on. so we have to build a team to compete in the west not east there is 3 rounds of playing in the western playoffs, we also need that no 1 d that all Stanley cup winners have and those don't grow on trees
  2. lets hope he isn't like Fabian brunstrum
  3. the canucks will be bargin basement hunting again young cheap players like mark fistric ,don't be expecting frason and green to be coming here
  4. if we trade lack we are not making the playoffs . every nhl start markstrom has played he lost , so if we have a miller /markstrom tandem we are in big trouble
  5. oh where is the messier gary coleman picture that picture sums up messier, creeper on a can am sypder eating a bag of chips
  6. the brick tent sale I got a leather sectional for 300 bucks cash no tax a few minor flaws , it was regularly listed at 2800
  7. well back in the playoffs and still the same problem still not tough or fast or young enough , we are getting beat by young fast hungry players and we have mathias 6 foot 4 never hits anyone , bonino looks scared out there,vrbata turns away from his checks, weber is getting just smashed out there , time to bring some youth to this team look what horvat and kennis(sp) does for this team we need more of that
  8. we need a legitimate second line plain and simple we haven't had a second line since 2011 we have a so called first line and 3 3rd lines , we are a easy team to play against , throw you checkers and top d pair out against the sedins and rest is easy the bonino line doesn't hit , rarely scores , Richardson line hits goes to the net and throws in a few goals horvat line checks and dorsett hits fights . we need to get rid of Higgins , burrows , perhaps Hansen too as for the d we need a puck mover/ power play guy and a big nasty d man
  9. cody hodgson is the worse this year hands down
  10. you would be a fool to trade kassian he is the kinda player you need in our division, big strong, he can one punch somebody out cold, he is a modern day goon/ enforcer, with some skill , trade burrows or Higgins, and maybe bonino , that second line has disappeared all of a sudden
  11. dear sony please listen to russel peters advice " you don't make fun of Korean people "
  12. lol at not being a violent hit , did u not see mathias trying to get up after the elbow ? all dazed and confused , wobbly legs , I am all for a good hard hockey hit , but chicken winging players , leading with your elbow is just dirty hockey it just a matter of time before a player is gonna get seriously hurt or worse dead on the ice if the player safety don't elimanate head shots
  13. so the dps or dip shits as they shall be known as from now on , allow direct elbow shots to the head now ? it don't think head shots are safe? did mathias not have bambi legs after the hit? robias knew exactly what he was doing with that hit he had time to tuck his elbow in. , buttman and the dip shits including chris pronger , a hit to the head is a hit to the head , that should be a 3 gamer at least
  14. bure by far was much better player bure was pure speed , handle the puck at high speed , a equal shot to ovie and, bure would of scored more if he didn't suffer all those knee injuries, besides that you ask ovie who,s better he would prolly said bure
  15. all you need is the province to take a picture and reference him as the dark guy to be racist