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  1. NBA 2K13 Anybody know any ways to make VC quick? I my player sucks and i wanna make him beast and win MVP.
  2. Is probably 12. Can't see anybody over that age liking WWE.
  3. Banned for joining before me.
  4. I seriously hope nobody on this thread who likes wrestling is older than twelve, because it is obviously staged.
  5. Banned for editing your comment.
  6. Can you dodge traffic?
  7. Makes me bleed my own blood.
  8. Nobody makes me bleed my own blood!

    1. White Goodman

      White Goodman

      Well at least that wasn't weird.

  9. What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? Wheres my tractor? (i also like anti jokes)
  10. I am from australia, so like the ratiocinator i usually stay to either hotham or sometimes Mt buller which is about an hour closer to where i live. I went up to big white earlier this year and loved it so much im going back next year.
  11. i think he was making a joke
  12. NHL 12, and still waiting for NHL 13 to come out in Australia. Also a bit of NBA2K12 and some Twisted Metal.