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  1. So.... you haven't watched the Olympics in years right?
  2. I wonder if Russian players were time their contracts around olympic years to take a year off
  3. Ham salami bacon
  4. pics or it didn't happen
  5. Oh yeah, it was so incredibly ironic that Trump is actually a Dem and Hillary is a Republican in real life... I love telling people that and watching everyone get angry... Dems hate it because they hate Trump and don't want him associated with them and Cons hate it because they don't want to be told their champion is actually a liberal
  6. Yup... it's interesting just how polar things are... it doesn't even matter what the topic is the only thing that matters is who's name is on the letter head... You take Trumps policies and throw Obama's name on it and Liberals love it... these things just aren't criticized based on their own merits any more
  7. So you know even when Russia was in Afghanistan... the US was there as well right....
  8. I wonder if he would suspend Crosby if Crosby slashed a player and broke their finger...
  9. Then I COULD be playing...
  10. In if you allow either PMs and most people get a role or no PMs and everyone gets a role
  11. It doesn't say the Vig tried to kill you... doesn't even say the Vig did anything... or that YOU did anything... I believe you, only cause another Doc hasn't come forward...
  12. Pffft, says the pot to the kette... pot being short for potato... I'm feeling more comfortable with my vote now
  13. no one is talking... it's unlikely he'll get lynched... I don't want to lynch Aladeen... Why haven't you vote MR?