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  1. Hey Sorry guys, My computer died... badly... just got myself a new laptop... NIGHTFALL WILL END in 22 hrs Side note: No one open any attachments if you get an email from Aladeen
  2. GAME HAS STARTED Roles have been handed out, if you have not received a PM you are regular TP FIRST NIGHTFALL: Weds, 5th April... some time.... GLHF
  3. The Hockey Gods would see fit to send the Avs and LV deep into the play offs
  4. Ok, since no one is talking, sign-ups will close in 24 hrs and roles will be handed out... @King Heffy, you in?
  5. Also - my +1s will be wasted in this thread mercilessly
  6. Ok, for some reason I can't add a Pole... Does anyone mind waiting more then 2 days to start if it meant a few extra players?
  7. 1 - Alain Vigneault 2 - 112 3 - Zfetch (with immunity) 4 - Jay Jay 5 - falcon45ca 6 - DarthMelvin 7 - J-23 8 - Time Lord 9 - Master Radishes 10- King Heffy? 11- ilduce39 I'll give it another 48 hrs, That's when my weekend starts, and hopefully we get a few more peeps
  8. You have a very short memory... doesn't surprise me at all
  9. Yeah... I know you're embarrassed that Trump is actually a democrat... but unfortunately he is...
  10. What the hell is this? Someone hax me? Oh well.... game will start once we hit 10 people...
  11. This sounds way too sober.... I say we panic and maybe even riot...
  12. WARNING: -This game will be NSFW -Will be "mostly Vanilla" -Give bonus in-game rewards based on content, regardless of stye, faction and history -Will most definitely be a Dral game -Rules will be subject to do drunken administrative at the whim of the host Story: It has been 6 months since CDC mafia has managed to run a decent game... players from all corners of the internet have been waiting for a WOAT host to host a WOAT game since GM Dral killed any semblance of a dying communities will to play... desperately, an attempt is being made to win back our lives away from life... are you strong enough to win? Rules: -Rules will be decided based on circumstances dictated by the host whenever and where ever he feels the need -There are no Rules Game Starts: Thursday, 30th March, Midnight, roles will be handed out shortly after First nightfall will be Sat, 1st of April 8AM Each round will be 23 hrs, and updated each morning at 8AM Signup list: 1 - Alain Vigneault 2 - 112 3 - Zfetch (with immunity) 4 - Jay Jay 5 - falcon45ca 6 - DarthMelvin 7 - J-23 8 - Time Lord 9 - Master Radishes 10- ilduce39
  13. I as well, can also post a nice story about life...
  14. I laughed way to hard at this, sorry dude...
  15. Also interesting to note in that article they say " On the Democratic side, President Obama -- who inherited the worst financial crisis in this era from his predecessor -- also ranks high in terms of contributing to the federal debt as a percentage of GDP. " It's a valid point, sitting presidents inherit the economy of previous ones... but apparently that only works for Democrats who run up deficits... And no mention of the fact that it was Bill Clinton's policies that crashed the US economy in the first place...