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  1. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

    Also.... Virt.... seriously... you are a bloody POTATO!   what the hell did you think was gonna happen when you provoke a volatile, drunk newb and dare him to TB you? like seriously... MVP status revoked man! you played so badly,I didn't even think twice the second time around despite almost setting up the TP alliance
  2. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

        Last words: (prolly not koshure, but frack it, I'm drunk again)     Not true.... I was seriously drunk af last night and Virt called me out for not TBing him.... I went to PM you and reached my quota, therefore couldn't TB.... woke up in the morning (late after noon.... ok.... early night....), saw another post from Virt saying "you don't got the balls"... PMed you right after to TB him...               who's got balls now b!tch ?         on a side note - MVP to Virt cause I almost had a full blown TP alliance set up
  3. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

    fine, TBing Virt... was gonna do it last night, but Ireachedmy post quota and couldn't even PM....   it's sent in now tho
  4. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

      horse is useless against me... my power happens when MR logs on and not at night fall....   who even thought to switch? was that a msg you meant to post in the mafia PM?
  5. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

    honestly, you're so much more helpful when you're TP... like... at least you have a list of your own....   I should TB you right now
  6. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

      unvote voteGFY
  7. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

    Isaid TOOO drunk.... learn to read:P
  8. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

    so drunk.....   Kaz cause Iknow nothing about him.... KH cause he's useless TP... #nucks cause shes being a duech.... Jazz cause I dunlike people who believe in god... JJ cause he deserves to die right now...   but yeah... toews- look at last game... he was mafia and was trying to help the town early... this game,so far, all he candois post about potato chips... you really think he'd play the same way twice in a row? no muthafrackinway biznicks! that dude needs todie...       anyways - lets start this TP alliance up before Iget to drunk and just kill someone   honestly, if I'm not TP, I dunno whats up... sheriff investigate me already...all thedocs, pleasesave me... monkeys go faulkyourself...
  9. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

      "ohh look at me... I Call people out as scum then claim its just hyperbole".... you're frackinmafia b!tch
  10. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

      one or the other ..... I'm sure...eitherway, I'dlike to lynchtoews
  11. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

    nope.... not drunk Dral..... drunk newb TP who doesn't know the difference between rat and monkeyl...   unvote vote TOEWS     we'regood to go
  12. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

    also....you;re dumb....   $&!# whats up with thesequotesa.....     vote zcetch already....yougot no choice
  13. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

    either I'm mafia, andgonna die for it... or you believe me...   I'm still GOAT- call my bluff, kill youqall   TP gonna lose, its gg...lets do this shiz
  14. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

    lynchisgonnna hap;pen bitchz.... zfetchis mafia....voteor die...
  15. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

    vote zfetch pls guys