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  1. It doesn't say the Vig tried to kill you... doesn't even say the Vig did anything... or that YOU did anything... I believe you, only cause another Doc hasn't come forward...
  2. Pffft, says the pot to the kette... pot being short for potato... I'm feeling more comfortable with my vote now
  3. no one is talking... it's unlikely he'll get lynched... I don't want to lynch Aladeen... Why haven't you vote MR?
  4. if the real doc is out there, they should role claim so we can lynch aladeen...
  5. unvote vote MR
  6. stupid... insensitive.... idiotic even.... but hes not wrong.
  7. vote aladeen no erection gifs yet
  8. So TL is either mafia or TP special... RIP Sheriff better investigate him asap so if he comes up TP we can save him before he's MK'd
  9. That was a great game... he kept hard claiming Vig as the SK up until the end... was so funny
  10. or a mafia nurse so they can counter claim
  11. yeah, SK is better then Cult... in if there's PMs