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  1. Leafs back online to talk trade until the deadline. Wont have deeper discussions until after the game
  2. Playoff bound Ryan Reaves and Josh Bailey are still available out of Toronto for those teams looking to boost their playoff rosters. Potentially Dadonov as well.
  3. RUMOUR: Alex Radulov and Jamie Oleksiak seen saying their good-byes to their teammates after post-game interviews tonight. More to come
  4. The Leafs will continue talks with teams until Thursday, at which point final decisions will be made on certain players. Lots of calls and lots discussions have taken place, but the lines remain open for anyone looking to make deals.
  5. Toronto offices still very much open for trade talks the rest of the evening. Decisions to be made soon a couple of higher profile players in the coming day or so, but still open to discussions on nearly anyone.
  6. Maple Leafs available the remainder of the evening on Discord and via PM for those looking to talk trade.
  7. Leafs have traded for a goaltender (e5).
  8. RUMOUR: One name garnering a lot of inquiries out of Toronto is F Ryan Reaves. Interested teams should inquire, as a deal will likely be made prior to the deadline.
  9. There is a good ole' fashioned fire sale happening in the Big Smoke in the coming days according to multiple sources. After weeks of abnormal shifts and many hours spent catching up on lost sleep, the Maple Leafs are primed to be one of the more active teams come the deadline, with management having the entire weekend + TDL Monday off to discuss possible trades. Although players like Larkin, Chabot and Fox are going to take a king's ransom and then some to acquire, almost every other asset on the team is available for discussion. For inquiring GMs, we are not looking for strictly futures in a trade unless involves a top end prospect (which can be more valuable than gold sometimes in these corners), as the Leafs will be looking to contend next season. The team is not interested in shipping out roster players for borderline NHLers or prospects that are two years away from being two years away. Call it what you will, a reshuffling of the deck or a rebuild on the fly, but the Leafs are looking to shuffle some pieces around. Playoff team or not is not really our top priority when it comes to acquiring players at this point, as we have lots of ground to make up on the rest of the East. Lets do this, RL.
  10. Leafs have a handful of playoff bound players, both up front and on defence, that we are open to moving. Inquire within.
  11. TORONTO, ON - The Toronto Maple Leafs have found the next man up to take a stab at one of the most difficult positions in all of sports, the GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs. An agreement was quickly reached between the CDCGML Executive Committee and former Vegas and Detroit General Manager, RL. Life has been rough for RL. for the past year, with a brief stint as the General Manager of the Golden Knights sandwiched between some big life events. But with everything now seeming to be sorted, it looks like the RL. of old is back, and looking forward to running the storied franchise. "Nothing beats playing in this league," said RL. at a scrum. "The level of competition, especially in the East, is absurd but also ridiculously fun. A team built top to bottom, stocked with prospects and depth at all positions is needed to be able to even sniff the playoffs in this conference, at that makes it all the more fun". When asked about his plans with the roster, RL. was blunt. "There are a few players we absolutely love as a management group. I am not going to stand here and lie about how much of an impact Thomas Chabot had in my decision to join this franchise. I am a firm believer of building from the back end out, and having a true #1 defenceman at the age of 22 is something that every franchise strives for. We are looking forward to playing chess with the pieces that we have, and how we can maneuver ourselves to build a roster that is to my liking and compete level." "THE PHONE LINES ARE OPEN," said RL. with confidence and a smile. "We look forward to touching base on some players we like, but the team looks like its in a bit of a flux by being in the middle of the pack. We look forward to talking trade and tweaking some of the pieces we have, and building a roster that we know can be competitive for years to come." It feels good to be back
  12. REPORT: Vegas is in the market for a starting goaltender. Reports indicate that prized goalie prospect Ilya Sorokin could potentially be made available in talks.
  13. Vegas is around to talk trade. Open to any sort of deal, big or small EDIT: Been out of the country for the past week, sorry for the inactivity.
  14. Vegas open to moving one of their young prospects for a young top 4 dman
  15. Vegas releases F Spencer Foo, who has signed in the KHL (https://flamesnation.ca/2019/06/11/spencer-foo-signs-with-the-khls-kunlun-red-star/) Vegas assigns F Mike Amadio and F Mark Letestu to their AHL Affiliate