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  1. I don't agree that he's on the decline, I believe markstrom has starting goalie potential, and bonino is an ok second line center and corrado has top 4 dman potential
  2. We get fleeced
  3. You are wrong sir. Bieksa was just as bad as sbisa. It's the turnovers. If he can move the puck faster that would be very nice. If you don't have a play chip it off the glass and get it to the neutral zone at least. Don't force it.
  4. Half our team was playing injured. Not that that's a good excuse for losing the series considering the flames were without their best player and a solid role player.
  5. I'm going for the flames. It'll be close
  6. You want an upgrade on the right side yet you want to trade our best right side d man...
  7. I've always said he was a good gm. Nobody ever agreed but now some people are seeing he did pretty good while he was here
  8. Wow, I was really dumb! I'm not totally sure what I was thinking with some of these arguments lol
  9. Good for him. He deserves it. Very patient guy and he deserves a lot of respect. He could ask for 12 million and NJ would be stupid to say no.
  10. 6th, 24th and Shinkaruk is a great deal. Add Hansen even.
  11. If its Tanev Shinakaruk and 6th ill be very very mad
  12. I would agree but I think they can beat them without Kesler. Trading saad shaw and a first is too much depth. Take out shaw or a first and maybe you get lucky
  13. This would be fantastic, no way Chicago does that.
  14. Well this changes things... Damn I really wanted to keep him. I say trade him for saad and shaw if we can
  15. Lp