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  1. I don't agree that he's on the decline, I believe markstrom has starting goalie potential, and bonino is an ok second line center and corrado has top 4 dman potential
  2. We get fleeced
  3. You are wrong sir. Bieksa was just as bad as sbisa. It's the turnovers. If he can move the puck faster that would be very nice. If you don't have a play chip it off the glass and get it to the neutral zone at least. Don't force it.
  4. Half our team was playing injured. Not that that's a good excuse for losing the series considering the flames were without their best player and a solid role player.
  5. I'm going for the flames. It'll be close
  6. It's the playoffs. Relax. Theres going to be a lot of hacks with no call. As long as they are fair to both teams I'm ok with it. Its when Bonino gets a penalty for missing hitting a guy in the face with his glove. Like really? And McMillan getting the only penalty for ferland running over miller. At least call both. That's to name a couple. I have ultimate respect for ferland. He's killing it. And doing it cleanly. Full props to him
  7. That will motivate him more... Don't do it
  8. Exactly my thoughts. Calm down people
  9. Playoff experience doesn't mean as much as you think... Its more important in the later rounds
  10. Lol are you kidding me? Pacioretty just caught an edge. Its unfortunate but it happens. You see this play at least 10 times in a game and very rarely does it turn out like this. Chill
  11. I guess Ryan Malone is in
  12. Jackman ducked. One game for charging
  13. The seahawks fans are bandwagoners... We need less of them and more real fans like the leafs fans. As much as it hurts to say it.
  14. Anyone who says overpayment is crazy. He is a top pairing d man. He is amazing defensively and he moves the puck exceptionally well. Not sure why being physical is a requirement. In my opinion I'd rather have someone who is good with their stick then someone who needs to be physical to be good defensively. Besides being physical leaves the player more open to injury and wearing his body down. Tanev also can put up points. He is on pace for 22 points if he had played all 82 games. That is with no power play time. So if he averages 25-30 points and plays great d then 4.45 is one of the best bargains in the NHL. And he is still getting better. I'm excited and I think this is a steal
  15. You want an upgrade on the right side yet you want to trade our best right side d man...