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  1. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    He's match fit - he just doesn't want to be at Man U anymore. He will be moved to Chelsea if he gets his wish.
  2. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Aside from one nice strike - I'd say he's been a disappointment all year. He won't be back.
  3. Tennis

    Bouchard certainly held her own by taking a set - she has a bright future. Raonic advances and Pospisil is out. I hate to say it, but he needs to find a way to elevate his game outside of Canada. If he doesn't, he's going to struggle to compete in the top 40. He lost to a qualifier today. Inset v Raonic has the makings of a good match. Whose serve will crack first. Lets hope we don't see any of Raonic's 120 km second serves
  4. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    O'brien should be back in for their next match. That'll offer a boost.
  5. Tennis

    The thing about Prospisil is he performs for home crowds - he's an emotional player who thrives off of the energy. That's good and bad. But make no mistake, there's a reason the younger Raonic is ranked significantly higher. He is the better player. Yes, Prospisil is more athletic, but his advantage stops there. Raonic's serve and forehand are world class - enough to propel him to #10 in the world. If he can ever get his backhand and consistency to another level, hell be challenging the top 4. Remember, he's 22.
  6. Tennis

    This is certainly Raonic's best shot at breaking through: home crowd vs Nadal. Nadal looked very good though. milos's serve needs to be dynamite and Nadal needs to hiccup a couple time. It can happen - buy we need to see Raonic's best tmr.
  7. Tennis

    I'm torn on who to cheer for. Part of me wants Raonic just cause I think he has a better shot to win. Having said that, with the crowd behind him, Pospisil could surprise.
  8. Canucks should have drafted Max Domi

    And how do you propose this happening?
  9. Canucks should have drafted Max Domi

    If Domi didn't have a paps in the NHL this would be a non issue - so goes CDC. Curiously, Cassells gets no respect. Go figure.
  10. Canucks should have drafted Max Domi

    Not to be a dick - but then and than are pivotal if you ever have e-mail in a future job. Again, not trying to be a dick, but learn the difference. Call me grammar police if you wish, only trying to help. First impressions are important.
  11. You're nuts. You'd give him up for player you hope reaches his potential in 5 years time? Give your head a shake.
  12. Canucks should have drafted Max Domi

    Fair enough - i know how these boards can work It could turn out either way in my opinion. As it stands, given what we know, Horvat was the right call. 3 years from now? Damned if I know. I know what the fan in me wants to believe. I think we agree
  13. Canucks should have drafted Max Domi

    I never called Domi bust or overrated, nor did i say that Horvat was the second coming. I simply stated that given the info we have today, Horvat is the better choice. Next time you quote me, please be sure it has some relevance to my post. Cheers
  14. Canucks should have drafted Max Domi

    Horvat is the better, and safer player. Domi's upside is less than Horvat's; he is less likely to hit his potential; and right now he is a lesser player. Yet on CDC - we should have drafted Domi.
  15. Tennis

    He's gone through very much a rough patch. Stagnated, new coach etc. But I see today's events as a positive. After giving a game back, he battled and got the victory - this after an awful second set. Sorry, wasnt trying to come at you. I'm sure were both in the same boat: would love to see Raonic battle with the Tongas etc for now, and eventually move into top 4 contention. I think today was a positive move forward. His past makes me wait and see - i really hope there isn't a let down.