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  3. Music of 2013

    This is not an impressive album. It's... like, it's not bad. It sounds like outtakes from Loveless. There's some neat stuff going on, but it's getting a good amount of 'the benefit of the doubt' simply because OMGMBV! I mean, if you love it, great, I tend not to get pissy when people love music. That's cool, and I'm glad it's everything you hoped it would be. It just sounds lost in the past to me, which would be ok if the album had a timeless feel, but it doesn't. It sounds like the outtakes of an album made in the early 90s. And that is disappointing.
  4. Music of 2013

    I am all of 30 seconds in and all I can think is 'Don't you now have the technology to master this better?' If he's going to do it with Loveless, why not to it now? It sounds like it was produced in the 90s, which I guess it was, but still. Muddy. That usually doesn't bother me, but like I said. You re-mastered Loveless so it wouldn't be as thick, why would you master an album to be re-mastered?
  5. Music of 2013

    Gearing up for MBV. I have an eighth, a flap and some great headphones. This better be good.
  6. Music of 2013

  7. Music of 2013

    Related to that, apparently Youth Lagoon is putting a record out on March 5th called Wondrous Bughouse.
  8. Music of 2013

    Someone above mentioned wanting to see Youth Lagoon, has anyone here seen him? I feel like I might be let down, that you can't really express the same charm that was on the record in a public setting
  9. Music of 2013

    There's a ton of Death Cab songs I really love (also, interestingly enough, wasn't too high on The Postal Service. But it has enough promise that I'd be interested in another) but for some reason, I really, really loved this single. Maybe it's because it's optimistic and cheery, maybe because it was on a bad album. I don't know.
  10. Music of 2013

    Ben Gibbard as a person, I would kind of like to smack, yeah. But John Phillips raped and impregnated his daughter, and still wrote one of my favorite albums of all time, so Ben's sissy emo bs is easily tolerable as long as he write's good songs. Which he isn't, anymore.
  11. Music of 2013

    I actually am not on board with the Death Cab hate. Early lo-fi DC had a lot of neat, quirky, enjoyable songs, and I personally think that The Photo Album - Transatlanticism - Plans was as good a 1-2-3 punch as any band has done in the last little while. Ben has just gotten soft. It may be a vehicle for his songs, but Chris Walla was always the genius who sanded off the edges. Although, Chris Walla's solo album was also unbelievably poor. Anyways, DCFC relies on pretty standard arrangements and self-deprication. That can only go so far, and Ben moving down from a full band to basically just him on a guitar means that every song lacks a little creativity. Like I said, I like Ben Gibbard on the whole, but he knows how to write one kind of song and that's it.
  12. Music of 2013

    You missed nothing with the Ben Gibbard solo album. It was worse than trash.
  13. Music of 2013

    Please accept this as only a half-hearted endorsement of how fricken cute Kitty (Pryde) is and how unreasonably catchy this track is. NSFW Language fo' sho
  14. Funny Pics

  15. Music of 2013

    That's more where I am with Eels. Blinking Lights was the last time they were decent, but that's behind Hombre Lobo, End Times and Tomorrow Morning. I do still have hope, Electro-Shock/Daises era Eels was amazing, but he seems to be all like 'waah, my wife left me and now I release everything I write indiscriminately'