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  1. The op is just trolling now. RIP to Gus, but op is trying to make this a joke.
  2. I really like Lack too, but he has trade value that none of our other goalies have. Miller proved that when healthy he can handle the load and be our starter. I think he can hold the fort down until Demko is ready.
  3. The lineup as of right now with players we will have under contract Sedin - Sedin - Vrbata xxx - Horvat - Kassian Higgins - Bonino - Burrows / Hansen xxx - xxx - Dorsett Edler - Tanev Hamhuis - Bieksa Sbisa - xxx Miller Lack I really don't think we will have to look elsewhere to fill out our forward group. Baertschi will be given every opportunity to be in our top six. I see Kennins staying up as a 4th line winger. And at 4C either we could go out and sign a guy like Jim Slater or Gregory Campbell, or give Gaunce a chance to play with the big club. He's a big body who plays a good two-way game. Our offence will be fine as long as Baertschi finds his game, which is a big IF. He stood out only in the exhibition match against the Oilers, not showing much in the playoffs. Shinkaruk could take that spot if he plays well in the pre-season. I could also see us shipping out Higgins to make room for Virtanen. Sedin - Sedin - Vrbata Baertschi / Shinkaruk - Horvat - Kassian Virtanen - Bonino - Burrows / Hansen Kenins - Gaunce / Slater / Campbell - Dorsett Vey - McMillan I don't know what they will do with our D. Obviously they will be looking to acquire a top 4 D via the trade market since their isn't much selection among UFA dmen this year. I think Matt Irwin would make a good off-season pick up for our bottom pair. Just a good steady defenceman with good poise with the puck and still has offensive potential given the opportunity. I think we will ship out Lack and try to get a defender in return as well. Maybe a player like Brendan Dillon. No idea if that would be perceived as fair value. I like what he brings to his game. Plays physical and is a local boy. Also if there is any way in hell to get Bieksa out, do it. Edler - Tanev Hamhuis - Dillon / Bieksa Sbisa - Irwin Corrado I still think this team would compete next year and the youth injection would be refreshing. I could just be dreaming, but seems realistic. Sedin - Sedin - Vrbata Baertschi / Shinkaruk - Horvat - Kassian Virtanen - Bonino - Burrows / Hansen Kenins - Gaunce / Slater / Campbell - Dorsett Vey - McMillan Edler - Tanev Hamhuis - Dillon / Bieksa Sbisa - Irwin Stanton Miller Markstrom
  4. With a weaker crop of UFA's this summer, there aren't many targets. 4th line centers : Jim Slater: Good speed and brings energy Greg Campbell: Can also play wing as is good on the pk Carl Soderberg: Good two-way center with some size Mobile D: Jamie McBain: Good poise with the puck.
  5. Mobile defenceman that have a good first pass.
  6. Baertschi looked very Linden Vey out there this series.
  7. What I am looking forward to next year: Horvat, Virtanen, Kassian, Hutton
  8. Hansen is such a great player with that price tag. What are you talking about? He played great with Horvat and even finally looked good with the Sedins. Stanton is worth to stick around too as a 7th D-man.
  9. Just a sad moment. How we gave the lead up is mind boggling. When they scored that 1 goal at the end of the first I KNEW they would come back. We NEED some PUCK MOVING defenceman, thats the #1 priority this off-season. It is good to know that we have a future star in Horvat though. Next year he will centre the second line.
  10. What do you guys want CBC to talk about? Go through our entire roster and talk about how much they have sucked? Not what anyone else in North America wants to see.
  11. Calgary will throw their talented young players in there, and what do we do? MAC ???? MILLAN
  12. shot blocked shot blocked shot blocked shot blocked SHOT &^@#ING BLOCKED
  13. It's almost like we need a player with speed and skill .... CAL O'REILLEY! Who needs Sven?
  14. 0 quality scoring chances for the Nucks, pathetic. It is almost like we need a guy with speed and skill ...