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  1. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    I see it more that by having 3 2-way centers is just easier to manage for the coach when coming up with matchups on the road. But realistically one of those 2 will be pushed to be more offensive. My guess is that Horvat would be first scoring unit, Cassels would be second scoring unit and Gaunce would be Shut down. But what ever way, a good team is built around the centers. Which, off topic, is why drafting centers who can play wing is the best route for building a great 2 way team.
  2. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Not sure if this has been said yet but it does need to be said. Gaunce is likely to be a thirdline shutdown center. With his shot, positioning and IQ he will also have the tools to transition the game well from the d zone to the o zone as well has create scoring opportunities off the rush with his shot, being the trailing coming late into the zone. Having a third line center like that is what teams dream of. Think of the year with Malhotra and how his play allowed Kesler's defensive duties to lighten. Gaunce will do the same thing for Horvat. Regardless of where he plays he will be hard to play against. He's big and strong and in the way, he doesn't need to be "mean" to be affective.
  3. Bo Horvat Talk

    D Sedin - H Sedin - Matthias Higgins - Kesler - Jensen Burrows - Horvat - Kassian Sestito - Richardson - Hansen There's plenty of room for Hansen if Shawn Matthias could play wing for the Sedins'. And why not, a big strong guy with good hands. This would then leave the future of this team to start developing together in Horvat and Kassian
  4. Kassian making a case for himself

    I'm not entirely convinced having O'Reilly would make the kind of impact fans would want this season, but next season having Sedin O'Reilly Horvat and Richardson down the middle looks very promising and very hard to play against. I also think Kassian and O'Reilly would play really well together, both players slow the game down a little and they both score goals and put up assists. Back to Kassian, he is really showing great vision, unfortunately the players usually ending up with the puck shoot low percentage shots while having space to take a look. But in the end, he's playing physical and is becoming more consistent.
  5. Overated/ Underated Game

    Over rated Bobrovski?
  6. Jason Garrison so far?

    It's looking like Hamhuis is moving back to that status again while also adding an offensive side. It's good to see the D playing closer to their potential