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  1. Kevin was toast once Benning got him to wave his no trade contract. I guess we will see what the plan is tomorrow when the free agent feeding frenzy gets under way. The Canucks need toughness on the back end and this is sorely lacking with the group that is there now. Tanev scares no-one and forwards race in to plaster him against the boards because there will be no retribution. Hammy fight? Well maybe if it is Nugent-Hopkins. Corrado? Another light weight. Clendening? Let's not go there in the toughness department. The biggest defenseman is Edler and has no toughness either. Can anyone say, " Run the goalie?" Because every team will do it. What is there to fear? Let's hope Benning has a free agent or two in mind for the back end. Upside, more cap space and a second rounder for a player in the twilight of his career.
  2. A .921 save percentage in 41 appearances is decent enough to be a stating goaltender. I personally do not believe the Canucks received full value for Lack. No-one is going to take Miller at 6 million per for the next two years and Markstrom has proven himself in the AHL to the point where he has to move up. Perhaps Benning could have waited until after the draft and received a decent defenseman. All we fans can do is wait and see if Brisbois pans out. The scouts feel he will be able to play in the NHL in about 5 years. As for the 7th round pick......?
  3. Even if Bo didn't read this forum, The Common-Taters on Sportsnet would bring it up. Happy Birthday Bo !!
  4. The opposing 4 teams are all playoff bound at the moment and it will be a tough road trip. The Canucks have defeated the Blues in St. Louis earlier this year an also have a road victory in Chicago. They have beaten Winnipeg twice this year and are due to beat Nashville as the Preds have been slipping a little since the all star break. Good solid effort and a little puck luck could turn this road trip into a playoff clinching, confidence building ride to the second season.
  5. This team will go as high as fourth in the Pacific Division, and this is only if the stars align.