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  1. Canucks in 3...
  2. My favorite part was where he gave himself a role haha he sounds like the type of guy to give himself a nick name too
  3. Great signing term and dollar amount in my books, anyone else notice he signed the contract with his left hand? Being a right hand shooter his dominant hand would be the top hand instead of bottom, could this perhaps be the reason he isn't much of a shooter?
  4. You will forever be cursed for bringing up him haha
  5. heres my advice. Go to a hockey based website and ask the people there. Ohhhh wait.......
  6. Dont you see Lack will have Miller in his corner, whispering all sorts of positive things in his ear. While Lack may not be an experienced starter what he sorely missed last year during the end of season lapse was good ol veteran presence. Someone to get him over the hump, this could very well be the time Lack goes from 1B/2 goalie to a bonafide great starting tender.
  7. The only players I see them interested in would be vey and Higgins. They have a young goalie in kinkaid, so lack or markstrom wouldn't be necessary. Jensen is a throw in of sorts. Seeing as they're not making the playoffs this year the pick will be a good one especially as 2015/16 both seem to be good draft years I don't see them trading a first in either year. Quantity does not equate a first in a good draft year in my opinion. Perhaps to a team without a chance at the draft lottery
  8. How's your moms doin?
  9. Anyone know what channel they're broadcasting it on? I'm with telus
  10. Troll...
  11. Not to mention ROR will want more money than we'd be able to give, especially for a second line forward. Top pair D is worth more than a second line forward in my opinion
  12. It breaks up our top pairing of Edler-Tanev. Easily our best pairing this year. We don't have the depth on the left side for it to work
  13. I personally blame you, no one else. It is clearly all your fault. You don't have the confidence in Shinkaruk and it is obviously affecting his play. The fact that you've even gone so far as to post a Shinkaruk topic in canucks talk when there is already a discussion in prospects will not only annoy the people of cdc but just you watch, the next game he will score on his own net.
  14. Where to start with you? The IQ part, or the part where everyone in Edmonton hates Kass.