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  1. How's your moms doin?
  2. Troll...
  3. I personally blame you, no one else. It is clearly all your fault. You don't have the confidence in Shinkaruk and it is obviously affecting his play. The fact that you've even gone so far as to post a Shinkaruk topic in canucks talk when there is already a discussion in prospects will not only annoy the people of cdc but just you watch, the next game he will score on his own net.
  4. He's scoring at quite a low,percentage rate 4.35%. ID say he's still adjusting to a better league coming off an injury. I bet as the year goes on his shooting % will climb closer to the league norm of 9.01
  5. What do you think the chances are that our top 9 is entirely drafted? Not only that but no Sedins?
  6. However he played in Alberta, so it's not that it'd be all that new
  7. And if luo had a shutout in the Stanley cup finals we would have won the cup, it's done with now, we got a much needed 2 points bring on the wild!
  8. That's quite disturbing
  9. What kind of league?
  10. announcer 1: Wolfsmell comes outta the left corner and bashes the use of "beast mode" straight into the boards by asking why the F!!k people have to use it all the time. Follows it up with a quick shot to the face by again questioning the same damn question all over again he then tries to smooth it over as best he can by suggesting people stop using such a lame term! announcer 2: aaaannnd wolfsmell sh1ts the bed on that one and can't even get the last part out right, everyone should completely disregard his comments due to being unable to complete a sentence properly!!!!!! That's the game folks! Everyone everywhere had a beast of a game!!!!
  11. what is it with beast mode? honestly now it has to be the most annoying thing to hear. Not trying to down play his game or anything but does it have to be any game any guy has a good game he's a beast? what's wrong with just sayin a guy a good game?!?!?! had a good game
  12. Did you see the assist he had the other day? Holding a guy a way from the puck while dishing the puck out front. Not a waste of size at all from what I could see.