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  1. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    Deb agree on the coaching comments. Having played a high level of hockey, being a ra ra coach is the movies, its not real. Players look at coaches like that like they are imbecils over time. Respect is earned by players by helping them develop, implementing good systems, utilizing players properly, and allowing leaders to lead. Coaches are there to guide the ship but aren't the gas nor the engine, the players are as you effectively suggest. However, disagree on KB. I like him as a player but think his consistency is lacking. We need KB to be more of a hitter, deterrent, physical force, he has tried to be the 2 way dman which is great but focuses more on the offensive than defensive side of the game, when if he was playing more of a stay at home, phsyical game as a team we'd be better off. Moreover, as one posted mentioned, he often gets himself out of position when he loses his composure and I think of the 'core' players he is probably one of the best assets to move if he would waive, given our depth on D, his age, his relatively decent rep around the league. Packaged with Lou and our first and maybe a prospect maybe it gets us Coutourier and their first back. Or potentially something as good from the Islanders. I do beleive something of signficant value will need to go with Lou to get us a great deal. And he is likely the best bet
  2. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    We needed SIZE!!! and clearly he's not good in games where playing a tougher brand of hockey is played, ie playoffs how was his faceoff %? what was his ROLE? WHAT WAS THE ROLE WE NEEDED TO FILL? 2B or 3A? you are ignoring the reality buddy...MG didn't supply AV with talent and the proper mix. the year he did, 2011...look where AV took them. firing a coach who's been the best in nucks history, took us to the scf, 2 pres trophies (1 which we didn't deserve), a jack adams, and conference and divisional wins.. one has to ask, did AV over achieve with a group last year and this year? likely...and we'lll see it next when ./ if we dont make the changes MG should have made. we all know MG has made a TON of errors in talent management, and this his job. you can't ask a chef to make a 5 star meal if you give him ingredients that aren't high quality....
  3. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    Umm firstly Roy is not a first line center. He's at best a decent number 2 and you're saying our center depth is one of the best in the league? wow! Did you see how many points Roy got in the playoffs? How bout his faceoff percentage? how bout the hole MG needed to fill and what he filled it with? Did we need a 2b with no size? or did we need a 3A with size and faceoff ability? And did we not know that before the season when MG said he already knew Manny was done? Dude get your head out of your behind. Your comment is absurd. If you think the nucks had some of the best center depth in the league...well ...no one can help you
  4. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    Should be MG, Bowness and Brown not AV. When he had a proper team we got to 1 game of the cup. He had a team of crap outperform. MG should be gone
  5. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    The Canucks said after they got him, that his skating was not an issue, that it was overblown by some scouts. I've seen him live, he can play. He will be at worst a great 3rd line center for this team, and has the potential to be a number 2. Think of him as a Rod Brind'amour light...he is going to be the captain of the Canucks one day, mark my words. He will remind many of a certain other captain who wore #16. They are very similar in their approach to the game, leadership, heart. Probably doesn't have the speed Linden had but I'd argue better hands.
  6. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Yup...just like power forwards, smaller players take time to find how to establish themselves in a much bigger league. In junior and the minors its a bit easier as talent alone can set them above. As they move higher, its harder because the speed, skill, etc is all another level. Now they are playing against guys with elite skill at the roles they play so they need to find their niche. That player you speak of Marty St Louis, was on pace for a 110pt season. Exceptional. He took 3-4 seasons to establish himself and was traded by the Flames after a 56 game year where he had 18 pts. I remember the trade and the flames feeling he was 'too small' 18 pts/56 games - sounds close to what Schroder would have done. He was also older as he had played in US college hockey (he was 25 yrs old when he played with the Flames).... We need to give Schroeds at least 2 full seasons to see what he can do. I think he has immense talent, the right work ethic and attitude. Give him some big talented wingers - Jensen and someone who can hit and he will be fine. I remember another little guy in Vancouver who did pretty well...a guy named Cliff
  7. Jannik Hansen

    how did that dude get a -98? lol...i dont see a dislike button
  8. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Lol! Schroeder 50-60 pts in the NHL? in his second (and really first season, playing on the third/4th line with plugs?) Do you think the guy is the second coming of Crosby? Dude really. Schroeder will be a fine number 2 behind Gaunce if given the right players to play with and some time. He is challenged right now bc he is not taking Hanks or Kesler's role and he's not big enough for the number 3 spot. I could see him being part of a Lou trade to get a number 3 with size who can eventually be a number 1, which would allow Gaunce to be 'expected' to slot into number 2 That being said your rationale is luduicrous.
  9. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Gaunce 4th in OHL playoff scoring. I thought when we drafted him we had a poor man's Kesler/Linden.. a solid third line center that would bring grit and leadership. Starting to look like we have at least a terrific number 2 and a potential number one maybe we got a bit of a steal
  10. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    The answer to your question is the same as the answer to this question Are you the stupidest human being alive? Yes and Yes we need Burrows Done
  11. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    If he's close to another famous 16 I think all fans will be very happy. I think that's a better comparable given all of his assets. Getzlaf probably has better skating, hands but Linden certainly had alot more heart. Gaunce is no slouch but I don't see him with high end skills (that being said, he's young). Getzlaf, from many I know who are close to the ducks say he is a bit of a lazy player (really riding on past reputation and Corey Perry -reason I wouldn't want to see him ever as a nuck - Perry yes but a diff thread). Gaunce seems to be another great pick by the nucks late in the first round, if he keeps developing we certainly have a potential number 2 center coming up and with Jensen and Kassian would make a very tough tough line to play against. A couple more good drafts and we should be ok up front, but I would venture to say the next 2 drafts are very very very important for the nucks. They really need to find a top end offensive player to replace daniel and another who would slot into the 1c. Clearly, this is why MG is so focused on getting an offensive young center back in the Lou deal, because one he has that, alot of the risk in the future is removed.
  12. Jordan Schroeder Talk

  13. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    TL16 Version 2.0
  14. Frank Corrado Talk

    I wouldn't want to see him traded but he has added an interesting dynamic to that trade. GM's will know who this kid is now...so our asset value of our prospects just increased. Challenge would be...if it means getting a better forward prospect back do you do it? He's unproven at the next level but given my post above and his trajectory you want to say no bc anyone coming back unless proven is more risk (as you haven't seen that player enough)..but asset mgmt, risk that he doesn't continue on that trajectory etc...say maybe.. Hard decisions may await MG bc my guess is any GM worth their salt is going to inquire about this kid in any trade with the Nucks.
  15. Frank Corrado Talk

    Couple of things from that interview that I liked, and perhaps reading too much into the kid but don't think so given how far he's come in such a short period. 1. He knows he can compete with the best young players in Canada. I am sure he had confidence before, but this may just give him that extra inch he'll need when it comes time. 2. Thankful to all those who tweeted and supported - humble 3. Life lesson 'Life isn't always fair' - Motivation, focus when its going to really matter. We make it back to the cup one day and if he's on that team (which I have a feeling as I said, this kid is going to wear a letter on the Canucks one day) he will remember this. It's funny, everyone thought the loss of CoHo meant we lost our Linden. I have a weird feeling (and people I understand will say way to early etc, but I have watched alot of this kid on TV and watched his development since drafted) that we may just have found the "real next Linden". He has all the qualities in a leader. a. He has come from being average to a potential top teir player (you don't get an invite to the camp unless you're one of the top 30 players in the best hockey country in the world, and he should be on that team, so he's really a top 22). b. Key there is the development. Just like a Burrows, etc, when you come from 'earning' it vs. naturally 'having it' (and yes all players do earn but at younger ages there is often a natural ability that separates - those who work hard with natural abilities turn into greats, those with natural abilities who don't work hard flop, and sometimes those with decent abilities with terrific heart and determination, turn into greats as well). c. He is already the captain of this junior team which shows he has the intangibles. d. Players who work as hard as he does, set an example for the rest of the team, they see a guy with decent talent that has worked himself into being an upper echelon player (at least in junior thus far), that is a guy players will follow, will listen to, because he's in the trenches working his tail off. = Character and drive, heart. e. Every Canuck captain if you look back in history has been like that (at least since I've watched). Smyl, small in stature, HUGE in heart, boy did he bring it every night. Linden, good skills, heart of a lion. Nazzy, came from high expectations to confidence issues, to rebuilding from nothing and turning into a star, worked at it. Henrik started on the 3rd line and improved every year. A consistent trait amongst all these guys was not above average skill sets vis a vis NHL peers day one (ie even Henrik and Nazzy while highly touted didn't come in like a Crosby, Stamkos, etc,) it was work ethic and development, improving their skill sets through desire. He has that. This kid is going to be a Captain on the Canucks. Set this aside for 7-9 years and revisit it. But that's my call.