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  1. Yep, McDavid is just another player added to the Oilers Roster not a generational talent at all. My guess is that you only watch Canucks games and are a Canucks fan and not a fan of Hockey.
  2. How Long Will it Take Canucks to Win 3 in a Row?

    78 games
  3. McDavid is the difference from any other year.
  4. I don't know if I can agree with Edmonton. They have started to address the blueline and with the additions of Larson, Lucic and Pool Party they could be a lot better. Keep in mind they could also have a healthy McDavid all year. This is possibly the year the Oilers make a run at a playoff spot.
  5. I would love to hear which 10 teams finish behind the Canucks this year? Toronto, Phoenix and maybe Carolina? I don't think people realize the injuries were not the only issue with the team last year. We were not even able to win 3 in a row with a healthy roster. I have no problem saying there is a chance we could slip into the playoffs but my thought is that it's more likely we finish in the bottom quarter of the league. Our division is a beast and just because some teams didn't improve in our division, doesn't mean we improved enough to compete with them. It would be smarter to go with someone like Kane who would be cheaper and doesn't cost us our future. Maybe, he has issues off the ice here but if not the rewards could be big. If he does, so what, release him at the end of his contract and we continue in the direction of good drafting and getting younger.
  6. [Rumour] Avalanche Have Deal in Works

    No idea. They just mentioned Landescog and I just assume it must be for a third pairing RHD after seeing the Hall deal.
  7. [Rumour] Avalanche Have Deal in Works

    They were saying Landescog on 1040. That would be a great pick up for anytime depending on price. Maybe Landescog for some third pairing RHD?
  8. I dont think we should throw out anymore draft picks maybe a 5th or later but not a more valuable 2nd or 3rd. Benning is great at drafting and we need to accumulate more picks.
  9. Hanson and Sbisa for Kane 500k retained by Sabres. We can then choose to resign Hamhuis or go a different route. I dont like the idea of bringing in free agents but young players with upside is a good idea.
  10. Free Agents we should go after.

    Dutch Gretzky haha
  11. [Disscussion] Dale Tallon

    Be the first team to have co-GM's! one that handles development side and drafting and the other to specialize in contract signings and trades. I think its too early to replace Jim although I have hated some of his moves he did start with a deck stacked against him and it may not have been because of the previous GM but ownership. His drafting really has been great and every 1st round pick basically looks to be a gem but he needs to find ways to get more draft picks. All this really depends on if Aqua is interfering and forcing Jim into attempting to make the playoffs after such a short period of time its basically unfair and he needs to be given an appropriate amount of time. Rebuilds/Retool takes time and patience and only bad things can happen if its rushed. If only Vancouver as a city could handle a transition period.
  12. [Proposal] Let's not add anyone!

    I think we should stand pat as well unless there are a couple RFA's that we can bring in. It's time for us a fanbase to support the team even if they're losing and still go to games, buy merchandise and cheer the young guys on. Last year was difficult and I think I actually missed a game or 2 for the first time in years so I need to improve as well but I attended more games then any other season due to the cost of tickets being so low. We're just to far behind the big dogs in the west and in all honesty behind the 7-10th place teams to make up the difference in free agency. I may disagree with a lot of what Burke says although I think he is a pretty solid hockey mind but in his words that most mistakes are made on July 1st, more than the trade deadline or any day of the year and I agree. If we sign one of these guys for 6 years it will become an anchor when we're ready to compete again and probably end up holding us back another year, 2 or worse yet 3-4. I don't believe we're tanking but letting our younger players actually play bigger roles, develop and learn from mistakes. This doesn't mean we gut our current roster but keep the current leaders and see where it goes and maybe they impress and surprise and we end up in a playoff battle. We can add if that becomes the situation.
  13. [Trade] PK Subban to Predators for Shea Weber

    I wonder if Western Conference goalies are happy about this trade? Not because of Pk being more offensive than Weber but because of the gas.
  14. [Trade] F Taylor Hall to Devils for D Adam Larsson

    Very interesting argument. I still value Hall higher but maybe not as one sided as originally thought. I still have not been sold on Corsi but there is some value in it I am sure.