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  1. What Are You Currently Reading?

    My Revolution Hari Kunzru
  2. ....Like walking naked through a snowstorm

    That's more than fine, I appreciate your honesty. Honestly I would take Baer over Wheeler in a heartbeat, but that's just my perspective. I also feel Wheeler has the ability to elevate a line, where Baer his the ability to complete one. So just for hypotheticals, what would you think a fair trade for Byfuglien is from both stand points?
  3. ....Like walking naked through a snowstorm

    Ehlers can play either wing. A young playmaking goalscorer in Baertschi is what every team in the NHL is looking for. If Winnipeg got a player that could put their offence over the top, you think they would not consider it? Why would they hold onto Buff, if they could end up with a legit top six winger, a serviceable top 5 guy with potential to be a deadly top 3, a borderline starting goalie, and possibly the biggest steal in the 2017 draft. Muzzin could be acquired with a similar package. I large part of me is fine with eating that contract knowing that even if the Sedins resign for 2 its at a substantially lower cap hit. I loved Cody more than I loved Zack, but Kassian has found a home currently and I would't uproot him for a bunch of issues that have previously been discussed in this thread.
  4. ....Like walking naked through a snowstorm

    Why is Baertschi a middling talent? The only thing lacking in his game is physicality, and honestly he has a some pushback. What do you thinking would get Winnipeg talking? Buff does and he doesn't if you believe that this team is a contender within 4 years. He brings veteran leadership and physicality that is borderline unmatched in this league. Having stalwarts on our blueline like Tanev and Buff, would be invaluable to the group of defenceman who are coming thru the system. Imagine if Tryamkin had a mentor like Buff? Not on the same level but whats your opinion on Muzzin? Also if we just want pure physicality with the ability to pot a few, Dustin Brown? We have cap for the next few..
  5. ....Like walking naked through a snowstorm

    I would be much happier with 7.6 to Buff for 3 years tbh. I truly don't thing Baerschi is a middling asset, he is a legitimate top 6 left wing even if people on this forum don't believe it. To a contender at the deadline at the absolute least his value is a 1st. I also don't know teams rosters like I used to, if you were the Jets would you entertain a starting offer of Baerschi, Markstrom, Hutton and Lind for Buff and Adam Lowry?
  6. ....Like walking naked through a snowstorm

    It would be a huge move, but as op alluded to; after Guddy our D is soft AF. So, what would it take to pry Big Buff outta the peg? Baerschi, Hutton and our 2nd this year? I would honestly be find adding to the package significantly, but Buffffff paired with Tanev could be one of the best pairings in the NHL.
  7. Yo whatchu listening to homie g? (HipHop)

    these kids show me something.
  8. Reeeeread, I changed my opinion. And what makes you think Lind is going to be that guy?
  9. The only deal I would do for Kane is" Loui, Hutty and Lind For: Kane and their 1st round not protected in 2018 Edit: Actually just saw the instagram. Loui and Hutty for Kane and their first round this year, protected. All he cares about is a bs payday. When if he was just a good person, he would not have to worry. The big win for us in this deal is the first. He is gonna run like he did in his junior days. Try and be a big man on ice, when somebody like Bo, would break his spirit in a second.
  10. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    What a naaaaasty snipe, so got dang clutch.
  11. I really don't. (It's not just a proposal)

    JFTR :))))))
  12. I really don't. (It's not just a proposal)

    LOL According to you I have mental health issues? And even if I do, that's a bad thing? And you can ascertain that from a few posts on a forum?? I mentioned Pavel Bure once, in the op, you brought that up, so I responded. If you were the real DB, maybe McSorley should have taken one more shot
  13. I really don't. (It's not just a proposal)

    HTF am I ranting about Pavel?
  14. I really don't. (It's not just a proposal)

    It's been a minute...
  15. I really don't. (It's not just a proposal)

    Lol, love the "ass"umptions kiddo.