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  1. JFTR :))))))
  2. LOL According to you I have mental health issues? And even if I do, that's a bad thing? And you can ascertain that from a few posts on a forum?? I mentioned Pavel Bure once, in the op, you brought that up, so I responded. If you were the real DB, maybe McSorley should have taken one more shot
  3. HTF am I ranting about Pavel?
  4. It's been a minute...
  5. Lol, love the "ass"umptions kiddo.
  6. I think the pieces I listed are worth at least that..
  7. Product of our weak Cnt generation
  8. I love how you changed it from 3 years old to two! Good job babe. Are you as good at changing history as my ex girlfriend? PS: In this case Assume just makes and ass out of you
  9. One of my first memories is of Bure scoring a goal in that series. Go home kid.
  10. I don't even know how to start this. I've been a fan of the canucks since the 94 series. I'm 26. One of my first memories, is Bure in the 94 series. I was too young to fully remember the brutal late 90's years. I loved the West Coast Express. I loved Jovo Cop The series with Colorado, where we matched them until the end. Even thought we lost. Loving Cloutier, hearing Lidstroms goal from center ice(on the radio). and still loving Cloutier. Playing hockey in the park with Nazzy and Ohly. Then: Bertuzzi hitting Steve Moore. Being a young kid, and asking my dad, does this happen every night in the nhl, and him being borderline speechless. Not being able to rationalize what happened as a man in his 50s. Still loving the reassembly of the WCE, then when the trade was made for Luongo, already knowing about him, what he was doing, and being beyond stoked even though I still loved Bert. Seeing the Sedins become two of the best players in the league. Watching Kesler go above and beyond his potential, to become one of the best matchup centers in the game. Seeing Burrows score that hattrick and, show the most heart of any Canuck since Linden apart from Rypien. Falling in love with the way Bieksa played the game, and the way he carried himself in every aspect with his life. Hansen being that guy, and Edler doing everything above and beyond, and never getting the respect around the league he deserved. Lu being the 1st or 2nd goaltender in the league for at least half a decade (Brodeur) But, We are in a different era now. The Sedins in their current role are anchors Edler never developed into the player he could be. And Vanak was the ultimate money ball signing that had crapped out. We are four games into the season currently, and these are my observations: The Sedins are no longer first line players or deserve first unit pp time. Vanek, is a plug that will score a few goals in short time, but will not help this team grow 5 vs 5 over time. Edler even injured is a shadow of his former potential, and if we can get something real back for him we could jump at that chance. I am beyond frustrated with the Sedins as our first PP unit. Beyond frustrated with the fact Suter is wearing the A and Horvat is not. Beyond frustrated with the fact, we played a "skill player" (Vanek) over a "physical player" (Virtanen) tonight against one of the toughest teams in our division/ And, There is one move that could change the progression of this franchise. From The Colorado Avalanche to The Vancouver Canucks Gabriel Landeskog From The Vancouver Canucks to The Colorado Avalanche Sven Baerschi Erik Gubrandson 2nd round pick 2018 Jordan Subban Landeskog address everything we are lacking in our top six. He will be a stalwart of this forward group for a long time. And our lineup needs an overhaul. Horvat and Boeser play with a tenacity Landeskog fills the vortex we have been searching for on or left wing. Landeskog Horvat Boeser Granlund is the injecting of youth, technical ability, toughness and speed, that has been lacking with the Sedin's since last year Sedin Sedin Granlund After tonight; Burmistrov, Sutter and Dorsett have the potential to be one of the best most physical matchup/shutdown lines in the league Burmistrov Sutter Dorsett If Erikkson comes back soon, he Virty and Gagner had an astounding amount of chemistry. If he doesn't you could plug in a lot of kids to play there. Even Vanek. Erikkson Gagner Virtanen. On defence, its very obvious Tanev is our best player he should be on the ice close to half the time. Hutton is a make it or break it defense man who would benefit from playing beside one of the steadiest guys in the league. Hutton Tanev Del Zotto and Stetcher have the potential to become one of the dirtiest pairings in the league. Del Zotto and Stech Chatfield is a steady presence who is tuff. Pairing him with a loose cannon in Pouliet can be money or it could burn us, until Edler gets back. Pouliet Chatfield So the Probable lineup would be: Landeskog Horvat Boeser Sedin Sedin Granlund Burmistrov Sutter Dorsett Erikkson/Anyone/Vanak Gagner Virtanen Hutton Tanev Del Zotto Stetcher Pouliet Chatfield Markstrom Nilson The chips we could play with are: The Sedins, Edler and Vanek I know many people are gonna say, the Sedins are untradeable, the only word I have for you is: Gretzky. Those pieces would definitely warrant us 2 first round picks ++++ I just want to say, if you a true Nucks fan and are here for the long fall, I appreciate you, I am frustrated as heck with the current team and possibly the current ownership (boat is still out) I want to see us competitive and that doesn't come from spending 20 million (give or take) on 4 players. Its's all love, and as always GCG!!!!! PPS: I'm 6 beers deep, excuse the typos, and thank you for reading to the end