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  1. is matthias injured or???
  2. I always look at the comments and never understood why people care so much, like "omg my flames arent on here what a joke, this guy should be fired", why does anyone care. not like it affects anyone, or any team. People need a life
  3. and with the 1st overall pick the la kings select...
  4. sbisa better get a hat trick
  5. ya well nobody is going to trade for a 6th defender at 3.6m
  6. I wouldnt do better, but my lack of skill doesnt make him any better, and his moves wont cost us now, they will cost us in the future when we have a bunch of 33-35 year olds on heavy contracts
  7. benning is a &^@#ing idiot, he obviously doesnt feel comfortable strong arming players
  8. 5th highest paid forward, 4th liner
  9. great hes making more than higgins...
  10. any news of richardsons injury?
  11. u guys whine about every ref every game, doesnt mean anyhting anymore. This was the first game in a while where it was actually bad but it doesnt mean anyhting anymore
  12. big holes so if edmonton had 2 balls and they could trade for the last ball, there would basically be a bidding war to see who could go lowest. Because if you have a ball and someone else trades theres to edmonton u have nothing
  13. wow that commentator is dumb, you can clearly see on the 2nd video that the netting is infront of the puck
  14. 2 things I'd never thought would be in the same sentence