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  1. I just don't understand where the neon green comes from, so random
  2. 3 assists tonight...send him to junior!!!
  3. Is puck drop really at 6:30? Or do they just want a full arena for a Daniel Sedin ceremony?
  4. Subban is OHL
  5. Virtanen got hit, sent to the dressing room
  6. I would be ok with Ritchie or Virtanen I like them both a lot, for me it would come down to choosing Ritchie over virtanen because of his size or choosing virtanen over Ritchie because of his age.
  7. Didn't like grabovski so traded him for Stuart he's a top 4 D And I only got malkin so he could play with ovi, I know I stripped my forward depth
  8. Cuz Tampa left. I think he put CPU on cuz he couldn't play during a sim but he ended up getting kicked. He said he was going to come back for beginning of season 2 but if he doesn't I gotta reverse the trade basically.
  9. I barely played any games this season so I didn't make playoffs I know I can't win the cup, but our season series was 3 games to 2 so?
  10. Ovechkin 94 Malkin 92 Brouwer 82 Perrault 80 Backstrom 87 Connolly 80 Chimera 80 Thompson 79 Fehr 80 Burish 77 Beagle 76 Volpatti 74 Alzner 86 Carlson 86 Stuart 84 Green 85 Orlov 81 Erskine 77 Holtby 85 Hoping to get 1-2 forwards in free agency
  11. Looking to trade Alzer for a forward Alzner 25years old 4 green star potential 86 overall
  12. We could have done it when we played our first game. I'll be on around 4