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  1. Ricky Ryp iPad Wallpaper

    Looks amazing! +1
  2. Nicklas Backstrom

  3. NHL 15 Covers

    Been playing around with this recently, will share them as they are finished.
  4. Leon Draisaitl - 3rd Overall

    Name of the texts are: Code Light Code Bold
  5. 2014 Vancouver Canucks - Heart And Soul

    Very glad to hear that!!
  6. Vote for Ben Hutton for the Hobey Baker

    Just voted! 2109!
  7. 2014 Vancouver Canucks - Heart And Soul

    Thanks guys for the feedback! Definitely will be making some more whenever I have the time. Thought it'd be a fun thing to do as I just made a new youtube account.
  8. 2014 Vancouver Canucks - Heart And Soul

    Worked on this for a few weeks. Getting back into the video editing stuff again, feedback appreciated
  9. SOTW #136 POLL

    Went with the Shea Weber, good work by everyone.
  10. Shea Weber

    This is really nice, great work. +1
  11. 2014 Team Canada Olympics

    Thanks all!
  12. 2014 Team Canada Olympics

    It is not done yet but I just wanted to share a project I am currently doing at the moment.
  13. John Tavares

    You can use this one I made awhile back for myself. Sorry that it's not using the picture provided.